Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Review and Giveaway: Dark Destiny by Bec Botefuhr

You were with Willow and Jagger when they found their happily ever after in Dark Endings. You felt their love. You felt their relief, but what you didn't feel, was the pain they left tucked inside.

Jagger killed his own father, he suffered on an island alone being forced to fight to save his life. Now, the memories are catching up on him. The reality is haunting him. He's becoming numb. He's struggling to move on.

Willow has to do what she can to help her husband, no matter what the cost. She has to be the fighter now, she has to be the one to get him through, even if it's gritty, even if it hurts, because that's what love is.

Come on this final journey between the two, and watch how they piece their lives back together for a final time.

4.5 Star Review by Jen Hagen

This is the 4th book in the Dark Brother series and in my opinion, this is the one that I liked the best because it rips at your heart. (I can’t help it, I’m an angst lover).  I fell in love with Jagger when he was holding Willow captive, became infuriated with him when he was with Sharleen,  and ached for him when he was forced to be away from Willow in order to protect her.  Now in this final installment, my heart sat in my throat throughout the entirety of the book hoping that all will be well in the lives of Jagger and Willow.

“The only thing that exists in the world of darkness, is you and your thoughts.  The thoughts that , in time, will completely consume you until you’re nothing but a shell. That’s what I am becoming.  A shell.  A nothing.  A man with no heart.  A man with no soul. …I feel nothing.  I am numb.”  -- Jagger

Jagger is having difficulty coming to terms with the fact that he was forced to kill his father.  Everything was fine following Jagger and Willow reuniting, marrying, and becoming parents to a daughter, but then his dark thoughts caught up with him.  He has shut Willow out, sleeps in a different bedroom, and only exists doing the daily activities with his children and working as a mechanic.  Jagger comes to a decision that he feels is best for his family.  He doesn’t want his children to see him in this state.

“I need time.  I can’t be here.” – Jagger 

Oh Jagger, you are crushing not only Willow but me.  This was heartbreaking.  I cried for Willow.  I felt her pain.  I felt the emptiness.  Come back Jagger!! 

Luckily Willow has a good support of friends, and they also happen to be the backbone of friendship with Jagger.   They are all willing to go along with Willow’s plan to lock him in the same house that Jagger held Willow captive.  This is done in the hopes that Jagger will “break” and be able to feel again.  Their plan may have backfired…

 “What the f*ck do you hope to achieve by locking me in this house?”

“I want you to…feel.”

“I feel, I feel so f*ckin angry I want to rip someone’s head off.” 

Jagger is so far gone from feeling anything it scared me.  I was scared that there was no hope for him and Willow. 
 “I’m no good for you or those kids.  I should have never became a father.”  
  OUCH! – Those words had to sting Willow.

Thanks to a visitor that is welcomed by Jagger, but unwelcomed by the others, Jagger is able to get his feelings out in the open by expressing them to this visitor.  It crushes Willow that he can be so open with somebody that isn’t her.  She is the one that has stood by his side fighting for him, and he can’t trust her with the things that he saw on the island and the lingering thoughts that have a hold on him.  Willow can’t be strong enough for of them.  
 “While I was trying to fix you, Jagger, I broke myself in the process.” 
  The tables have been turned and now it’s Jagger’s turn to fight for Willow. 

I have read pretty much all of Bec Botefuhr’s books and Jagger is by far my favorite character.  I love her writing.  She keeps us in suspense, keeps the writing moving so that it’s a quick read, and adds enough steam to her sex scenes to make it HOT. 

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