Monday, July 22, 2013

Review and Giveaway: Undeniable by Micalea Smeltzer


2nd book in the Second Chances Series

Karlie and Holden's story
(This is a New Adult Contemporary Romance recommended for readers 18+ it contains graphic language, sex, and deals with mature subject matter)

Karlie Reed has been crushing on Holden Marks for as long as she can remember. The problem? He’s eight years older than her and her brother’s best friend.

One night, when things get out of hand, they make a pact. They’ll spend the summer together and when Karlie goes to Joffrey Ballet School, their affair will end.

No emotions, no hearts broken.

But nothing is that easy.

When the unexpected happens, Karlie and Holden are rocked to the core.

Karlie will run.

But will Holden fight for her?

4 star review by Faith Dotson

Growing up, Karlie wanted Holden…her brother’s best friend. She knew it would never happen because Holden was the love them and leave them type. After one night at a party, Holden loses control on his emotions that he has kept at bay for her. He gives her a proposition of a summer romance before she leaves for college in the fall. 

Holden: Instead, I found myself wrapping my arms around her and burying my nose in her hair. She smelled sweet, like cherries.

Karlie: I wanted him. I had since I was sixteen years old. Maybe longer. I was eighteen now. I was legal. There was nothing holding me back, except fear.

Sneaking around behind her brother’s back leads Karlie into a place she doesn’t want to be. She realizes that her hope of being a ballet dancer is over. Tragedy strikes her, and she takes off running from Holden, forcing him to leave her alone. She manages to force herself to go to New York and meets a new friend Grayson. Grayson challenges her to think about her feelings because he wants him for himself. 

Back home, Holden is realizing that he is able to love. He loves his father in spite of all the hell he put him through. Karlie’s brother forces Holden to realize that he needs to go after Karlie.

Holden: “I want so much more with you.” His hand skimmed up my neck and came to rest on my jaw. “I want everything with you but it can’t happen.”

The characters all come together well in this book. I found myself laughing out loud at times. They all have a troubled childhood and are able to help each other deal with their demons, but they don’t let their pasts hurt them too much.  Karlie is a positive woman but she also knows that life isn’t easy. Holden never knew what hit him when he and Karlie come together that summer. This story pulls you in and keeps you their till your cheering, yelling and crying till the end.



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