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Review and Giveaway: Whiskey State of Mind and Whiskey on My Mind by Karlene Blakemore Mowle

Whisky “Sky” McKenna, daughter of a once notorious motorcycle club president, just wants to live her own life, without her father’s baggage, without her grandparents’ controlling rules, and preferably without stabbing her obnoxious employer with a fork.

For months, the only thing that kept Sky dragging herself out of bed and off to her job was the brief few moments she got to stand behind her mystery guy at the coffee shop. She didn’t know his name—she didn’t care, all she knew was that those precious few moments each day she spent fantasizing about having his babies was the highlight of her pathetically, mundane life.

Then he walked back into her life. Sawyer Riley; six feet of broody denim and leather with a demand that would turn her life upside down.

Suddenly mundane was beginning to look pretty darn good.
Holding onto her newly found freedom was proving difficult when everyone seemed hell bent on taking it away. How was she supposed to have a future when her past kept getting in the way?

Life for Whisky McKenna is no longer hanging in limbo. She’s now part owner of her father’s Bar and Grill and back in college finishing her degree. With Sawyer Riley; all six feet of brooding denim and leather at her side, life should be getting easier…but loving Sawyer was never going to be an easy choice; not when he came with a motorcycle club as a third wheel in their relationship.
Added to that, a new threat has emerged bringing with it a complication in the form of her old lover, Caleb Santiago.
Past secrets and old hurts are forced to the surface as Whisky struggles to adjust to her life as Sawyer’s old lady while trying not to lose everything she’s worked so hard for in the process. Can she love Sawyer and accept his life without letting go of everything that was once important to her? Or will sharing him with the club be too big a sacrifice?

4 Star Review by Jen Hagen

Whisky “Sky” is the daughter of a motorcycle club president and a mother who overdosed on drugs when Sky was 3 years old.  Sky was sent to live with her grandparents when her father went to prison and she has not seen him for 10 years.  Sky has lived under the rules of her grandparents, but now wants to experience life on her own terms.  She has moved out from under their roof and rules, and is now trying to make it on her own by living independently, working as a waitress to earn money to go back to school since her grandparents will no longer support her.

Sawyer was Sky’s childhood best friend.   Sky has not seen Sawyer since the day she left to go live with her grandparents, until one day Sawyer confronts her with a proposition.  He wants her to come work in the bar and grill of her father’s motorcycle club business.  Sky is leery to accept the fact that the club has changed and is now doing fully legitimate business.
Once Sawyer and Sky are face to face with each other after years of absence, the flame ignites in them.  Sky has been lusting after a mystery man in a coffee shop for the last 3 months.  Turns out he makes a detour to the coffee shop just to see her.  Sky is caught between choosing between the safe, predictable life that fits her plans or the challenging life of the biker lifestyle.
“You know, not everything in life goes the way you plan it... sometimes you need to just accept things are out of your control and go with it.” – Sawyer
Sawyer is suddenly thrust into the position of being the motorcycle club president.  With this comes great responsibility to the members and to the club, something that Sky has problems accepting.  She doesn’t want to be second best, she doesn’t want to worry that someday something will happen to Sawyer, she wants them to have a life outside the club.  Sawyer is conflicted…The club was his family. The club was his legacy and one that he was supposed to take care of. He was responsible for making sure things ran smoothly.
Sawyer’s motorcycle club and a rival motorcycle club go head-to-head through the two books.  Sawyer wants to protect Whisky by keeping information away from her and as Whisky tries to establish her independence as a potential business owner, she realizes that she will forever be part of the stigma of a motorcycle club.
“I’ll never be anything other than your old lady and a member of this damn club.”
Whisky pushes Sawyer to step away from the club and is forced to make a decision that will change the course of their lives.
“I can’t live like this anymore.”  
For those of us that like our biker boys a cut above the bad boy line, this book doesn’t quite hit it.  What it lacks in the crudeness, vulgarity, and sexual escapes of a certain motorcycle man it makes up for it nearing the end of the book when my heart quit beating for a second and I had to re-read the sentence to make certain I read it correctly.   Sawyer is sweet and sexy and I could definitely see myself riding on the back of his bike.



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