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Nick is about to head overseas on an adventure of a lifetime. It’s what he has always wanted, to travel the world, to experience new cultures, see the places he’s dreamed of for so long. He should be over the moon. Instead, he’s been in a slump ever since he lost his friend Em.

Nick is a player, always has been. The first time he ever wanted more from a girl he was shot down. So now he’s left licking his wounds. Emma made her choice and now Nick has to live with it.

Or does he? When he finds out that Emma is single after all, will he fight for her? Will he be able to convince her to give him a chance? And if he does, what will happen when he leaves?

Nick has reached a crossroads in his life - the girl or the dream. Seems like an easy choice when the girl of his dreams is Emma. But what if she doesn’t see things the same way?


Please note: This is the continuation of Finding My Way. The first book must be read for any of this story to make sense.

4.5 star review by Nicole Lorenzo

Nick never dreamed of wanting to be with just one girl, but Emma changed that for him. Of course the one girl he wants to try to have a relationship with chose someone else. Trying to move on from losing Emma, even though he never really had her to begin with, proves to be difficult.  He decides to fulfill his life long dream to travel the world and plans a trip to see the places he’s only ever dreamed of.  Then he gets some interesting news.  His Em is single. He knows he needs her in his life, even if it’s only for a short while.  Nick finds himself agreeing to her stupid plan to become friends with benefits for the remaining weeks before he leaves. He will always want more from Em, he always had, and he finds his feelings for her growing stronger everyday. What kind of future could they possibly have with him leaving in a few weeks?  And he knows just a few weeks with Em will never be nearly enough.

I don’t want to be apart from her for even a second, and when I am she is always on my mind. I have fallen in love with Em and I just know there is no recovering from the heartbreak that I have set myself up for.

When Emma broke it off with her boyfriend Seth she knew it was because she had feelings for Nick. Nick was a player and only saw her as a friend, but that didn’t lessen her feelings for him in the slightest. It’s been a month since she seen him last and she is completely miserable. Then suddenly he is back in her life once again, and Emma is happy to see where it leads with him. Nick then drops a bombshell on her. He will only be here for three more weeks, and then he is off to travel the world like he always wanted. Trying to protect herself from impending heartbreak Emma decides they should stay friends with benefits until he leaves. Not letting feelings get in the way will make it easier for them to go their separate ways when the time comes. Emma soon realizes that she is kidding herself, for the more time she spends with Nick the more she realizes how much she is in love with him and more shockingly he seems to reciprocate her feelings.

Am I really seeing this?
Am I really feeling love from this man?
This man who doesn’t do love, who doesn’t do relationships, and who is leaving soon?

Emma and Nick can no longer hold back their feelings for each other, but the days are ticking by till they will be separated indefinitely and both of them are at a loss of what to do about their future. Emma doesn’t want Nick to go, but she’s afraid that if she tells him to stay he will resent her down the line. Nick wants Em to go with him but she won’t although she says she will wait for him.  Can their love survive a long distance relationship?

“I didn’t know I was lost…I didn’t know who I really was, until I found you,”

Crossroads is the sequel to Finding My Way.  When we left off in the last book Emma had broken it off with Seth and told Nick she never wanted to see him again. I have to say even in book one I was a fan of Nick, I guess I like the bad boys! Nick is a Greek god with piercing blue eyes and charm that goes on for days. He’s never had a serious relationship and is a bit of a player but when he meets Emma he changes his ways in order to win her heart. Emma feels a lot of guilt for what she did to Seth but she misses Nick terribly and can’t deny the passion she feels with him.  She pushes him away through most of the book trying to protect herself. I found myself getting very frustrated that these two just wouldn’t get their act together so they could move forward already! This book is sweet and very sexy, I loved the characters and I couldn’t put it down once I started! I was very happy with the ending and although I wasn’t a fan of Seth with Emma, I am very curious and excited to see what happens in his story, which is coming in December!


My heart starts to race at the sound of his voice over the loud speaker.  Immediately I seek out the location of the booth and spot him as he walks out of it.  He looks good.  I can’t believe he’s here.  I know my eyes are bugging out of my head but I can’t stop staring.  Not only is Nick the DJ tonight but there he is, in my direct line of sight with his arms around a girl.  And she’s very attractively smiling up at him.

“I’m sorry Em!” Kat yells in my ear.  “I swear he was not the DJ listed to play, you saw the posters outside the club too.”

I swipe at my eyes as angry tears form in them.  She’s right, we had both checked.  There must have been a cancellation or something, it’s the only explanation.  I stand still as a statue as I watch Nick put his arm around the girl’s shoulder and they head for the exit.

“Em.”  Kat’s pulling on my arm.  “Please look at me.”

When I can no longer see Nick, I turn to face her.  The look on her face is a mixture of pity and pleading.

“Who’s for another drink?” I ask with false cheer.  I don’t wait for a reply from either of the girls as I hastily make my way to the bar.  I shove my way to the front, not caring about the toes I’m stepping on or the rudeness of my approach. 

I don’t care that I am cutting in line.  I yell out my order for a shot of tequila.  Before I’ve even paid, I have drunk it and ordered another.  Kat spins me back to face her.

“I’m sorry Em.  I swear I didn’t know.”

I turn away from her.  I feel the hot tears about to overflow from my eyes as I hand over my money to the bartender and swallow my second shot.  I look Kat square in the eyes.

“I want to go home.”


Megan Keith is a married, mother of three, living in a small country town in New South Wales, Australia. 

She has a constant thirst for a good story, whether it is in books, music, movies, on TV, or just plain old fashioned gossip.  She has always had a creative side and loves to let her imagination run wild.   On a few occasions over the years, Megan has put those imaginings into a written story, but never dreamed of publishing.  She has always loved to read, but it wasn’t until she got given a Kindle that it became a fullblown addiction.  Her introduction to the world of Indie Authors re-ignited her passion for writing.  Megan published her first book Finding My Way in June 2013.  Crossroads is the sequel and the second book to the Finding My Way trilogy.






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