Thursday, October 3, 2013

Review and Giveaway: Lawful Overdose by Justine Elvira


*Warning: This book is for mature audiences. It contains drugs, sex, underage drinking, harsh language, and is panty melting hot!

Since the death of her sister, Tessa Grayson is invisible at home. Her parents barely speak to her or show any affection, so Tessa seeks affection from men.

It’s the summer going into Tessa’s junior year of college. Instead of going home for the summer, she stays in her small college town with her best friend and roommate, Piper. To make money, Tessa and Piper waitress at a local bar and grill. It’s a hotspot for college kids and a few townies.

On her first night working after a depressing visit with her parents, she meets Jaxon Wyatt. Jaxon just transferred to Eastern for his senior year of college to be closer to his brother. He is mysterious and badass, exactly what Tessa wants, but is trying to stay away from.

After a night of wild partying, Tessa is looking to get lost in Jaxon. Their attraction is undeniable, but Jaxon wants more. Jaxon and Tessa become closer, but he is hiding a secret. A secret that could break the bond he and Tessa share.

What will happen when Tessa finds out that Jaxon isn’t who he claims to be? Can Tessa continue a relationship with someone who supports everything she’s against, or does Jaxon have one more secret up his sleeve?

* Recommended for 18 years and older.

4 star review by Jen Skewes

I loved this book and loved Jaxon Wyatt even more.  I seriously had a Jaxon hangover when I was done reading.  I even went back and read the "swoon worthy Jaxon moments" for a second time.  Anyway I will move on to the rest of the story.  Lawful Overdose was an awesome, sexy and quick read.

We first meet Tessa who lost her sister when she was 14 years old and still hasn't gotten over the loss.  She is basically invisible to her parents, being that they blame her for her sister's death.  When her sister died she found comfort in sex.  She wasn't looking for love or a boyfriend but just sex.  It gave her the comfort that she needed ev.  Tessa is now going into en if for a short period of time.  She is now in her junior of college and not much has changed.  She is living with her best friend and room mate Piper, working at a bar to make ends meet.  She doesn't date, doesn't get attached and doesn't do the whole love and boyfriend thing.  It's only sex to her and nothing more.  When she spots Jaxon Wyatt at the bar that she works at she calls dibs on him and basically tells her best friend that she wants him, which means he is off limits to Piper.  Tessa's only interest in Jaxon is sex.  He's hot and sexy and nothing more than a way to full her needs.  But Jaxon has has other plans.

Jason is oh so sexy and also happens to be the brother of Tessa's boss and owner of the bar that she works at.  There is no doubt that Jaxon wants Tessa and noticed her when he walked in his brother's bar.  When they meet later that night at a party, Jaxon is quite the gentlemen turning Tressa down due to her drunken state.  At some point they go on an actual date and things start to get hot and steamy but Jaxon  has decided that he wants to get to know Tessa which is why he resists her advances and doesn't have sex with her.  Jaxons sees beneath the hard surface that is Tessa.  He sees more than she thinks and knows that he is probably the first guy who has ever said no to her.  But he isn't going to sleep with her until she is really ready to be with him and until he gets to know her better.  He wants to show her how she deserves to be treated.  Sounds like an amazing guy right?   Well that's because he is :)  Can you tell how much I loved him?

Tessa and Jaxon start dating and everything seems perfect and wonderful until Tessa finds out that Jaxon isn't who she thought he was.  There was one thing that was off limits and a deal breaker for her.  So what happens when the man that you are falling for is involved in the one thing that you despise? Jaxon and Tessa definitely had chemistry and started falling for each other quickly.  But when trust becomes an issue for the both of them you have to ask is love enough to overcome those issues?

Jaxon and Tessa were so good and so hot together.  Jaxon may have taken things a little slow but when they are finally together it is hot and steamy.  Jaxon was sexy but also sweet and loving and adorable.  You could see how much he loved Tessa.  Tessa was a little spitfire and I loved her.  I also loved the supporting characters and can't wait to see more of Piper and Ryan.   Lawful Overdose is a hot, funny, quick read. It is one of those books that you devour in one sitting and cannot put down.  Wonderful job by Justine Elvira.  Lawful Overdose is a must read.

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