Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Review: Clutch by Tess Oliver

When Taylor Flinn’s parents shipped her off to an aunt for her last year of high school, James “Clutch” Mason had convinced himself it was for the best. Taylor, the wild, impulsive and far-too-appealing seventeen-year-old had been driving him nuts. Her school girl crush on him had been the last thing he needed. Now he had time to concentrate on his booming classic car part business, his new found love-- drag racing, and keeping his twenty-year-old brother Barrett out of trouble.

But when Taylor returns from her aunt’s more grown up, utterly seductive, and attached to another guy, Clutch realizes that the only thing he ever needed or wanted was Taylor Flinn.

3.5 Star Review by Allison East

Clutch is a standalone but it contains many of the characters from the first book, Freefall and moves their stories forward.

Taylor, the teen sister of Clutch’s business partner, has been sent to her Aunt's because of her wild ways and her obsession with Clutch. Clutch is James' story and he is trying to do the right thing by staying away from Taylor, because she is too young. They were meant to be though. This book is also about making choices. It's about how you can be there for your family, or lose them if you're not.
Unbeknownst to Clutch, Taylor has returned and is definitely grown up. She is 18 now and has a boyfriend.
There's plenty of action in this book, from car races and car crashes to fights and fires, there's romance. There’s steamy sex as well. Don’t forget that. When Taylor and Clutch get together sparks fly!

Clutch is surprised when his partner tells him Taylor can stay in California as long as he stays away from her. Unfortunately, when Taylor comes to the auto shop to deliver hot dogs to her brother she comes face to face with the love of her life. They are both stunned. Taylor realizes she has almost lost herself trying to be who everyone else wants her to be, so she breaks up with her boyfriend, Adam.

Clutch is dealing with the arrival of his younger brother, Barrett, who needs to be detoxed, all while trying to make sense of his feelings for Taylor.
 After a run in at a race, they finally kiss. They were meant for each other. But, seeing how overprotective her family is, they keep it a secret for a while.  
After lots of trials and tribulations- true love withstands all. An adorable little love story actually unfolded right before my eyes.

It was a good read, and I liked how both points of view are added. I am sure more books will be added to this series, considering there are some secondary characters that deserve their own story.

Nook Clutch

Nook Freefall

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