Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Holiday Greetings From Your Favorite Book Boyfriends!!

One Week Girlfriend
Second Week Boyfriend
Monica Murphy 
“Wishing everyone a magical, sticky sweet marshmallowy Christmas and a Happy New Year."


Ben and Arsen

Mia Asher


Ben smiles, his maple brown eyes sparkling. “To Three Chicks and Their Books: love with your whole heart, laugh with your soul, and never give up. Life may not be easy but it’s worth living…of that I’m sure.  Happy Holidays.”

Arsen rolls his eyes at the greeting. “You truly can’t help yourself, can you? I don’t have anything as profound as Ben but I’ll tell you something I’ve learned along the way. And that is, never take anyone for granted, not one laugh, not one touch, not one kiss…they might not be with you very long…Now! Where’s the champagne, gorgeous? Oh yeah, and before I forget, he winks, “Happy fuckin’ holidays!”


Collide and Pulse
Gail McHugh

"Here's to bucket loads of eggnog, a chilly night curled up beside a hot fire with your significant other, and enough 'shmexy' lingerie to keep you both rockin it hard into the New Year. Oh, and as always... bottle caps. Happy Holidays!"


Sincerely yours,
Mr.Tall,Dark,and Fuckable Handsome.

(Mad World Series)
Christine Zolendz
*Loud taps on mic*
Electric slide of the guitar
“Hellllooo you sexy fucking audience!  Shane Maxton here from the hottest band in New York City, Mad World.  Wait girls, Lisa no, babe, put your shirt back on. Jennifer, …panties back on, please.  Be patient.  I just came here to wish everyone at Three Chicks and Their Books a bunch of Merry Fucking Holidays.  Merry orgasms to all, and to all a good night!  Now, let’s have these Three Chicks come  backstage with me and my boys and we’ll Deck their fucking halls."

Jude Delecroix
Alluring Turmoil (Bayou Stix)
Skye Turner
"Happy Holidays from your favorite Southern rocker. May your holidays be filled with love, good lovin', and memories to keep you warm on cold nights."

Reid Maybe This Time

Chantal Fernando

"Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Mine will be spent with my woman, family, a shitload of food and apple juice boxes.

Summer's in for a surprise when she sees what I've got in store for her...

And so is Ryan.

Happy fucking holidays!"

Fallen Crest Family Series
“Merry fucking Christmas. Is that what you want from me?”



The Savannah Series
Danielle Jamie
"Hope all my naughty & nice angels have a wonderful holiday."


























  1. Love this! Thanks Three Chicks and Their Books!

    1. Thanks they were a lot of fun to do-we have lots more coming!

  2. I loved those! They were awesome! Especially Shane's.

    1. We adore Shane -in all his sexy bad ass glory!!!


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