Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Holiday Greetings From Your Favorite Book Boyfriends!!

The Rock and Roll Trilogy Series
Barbara S.Stewart

"Merry Christmas!

I'll jingle your bells…

You can jingle mine!"

Love, Andy




Fallen Stars

Sadie Grubor

"Hey there ladies and gents! It's your favorite damaged rocker coming at you. Here's to your holiday being as badass as The Forgotten's latest single and as fucking hot as my girl Mia! But don't go asking Santa for her, she's mine."

Debra Anastasia
"Merry fucking Holidays. All the women that are on the naughty list are welcome to fondle my sack of coal."
Rule, Jet, Rome
The Marked Men Series
Jay Crownover
"Who wants to be on the Santa's nice list when the naughty list is so much more fun?"
Happy Holidays from The Marked Men
Tears of Tess
Pepper Winters
"May your ass by sore from my not-so-tender care. May your skin be flushed and bruised from my not-so-gentle touch. May your mind be full of sin and lust and darkness. But most of all, may you enjoy your Christmas full of kink and togetherness that only truly twisted couples can endure."
Chase, Park, Mason, Guy
The Sometimes Never Series
Cheryl McIntyre
"The best Christmas present is the love of a good woman. And sex. Don’t forget the sex." –Chase (Long After—The Sometimes Never series)
"My Christmas present isn’t under the tree. It’s in my pants—wrapped snugly in a pair of Calvin Kline’s. Just kidding—I don’t wear underwear." –Park (Before Now—The Sometimes Never series)
"Christmas is a belief in magic. The magic of giving, and more importantly, the magic of love." –Mason (Sometimes Never)
"Christmas is all year round in my house. I’m the gift that keeps on giving." –Guy
Lost & Found Series
Nicole Williams

"Wishing you all happy holidays from the gang at Willow Springs! Make sure to take some time to get tangled up in the tinsel with that special someone. Speaking of . . . "



  1. Have loved all the holiday greetings you assembled from book boyfriends ... what a fabulous idea!


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