Monday, December 30, 2013

Review : Curve by Nicola Hudson

** A debut novel from a British writer**

A New Adult novel suitable for readers aged 15+, due to strong language, sensitive themes and sexual content.

Cass is seventeen and never been kissed, let alone touched, when two boys become interested in her. Flynn is the older brother of her best friend, yet Cass has never considered him as anything other than that. Rob is the school sports star and becomes obsessed with Cass when he loses a bet because of her. As the relationship between Cass and Flynn develops, Rob's interest becomes increasingly malevolent. One night changes Cass's life and threatens to destroy her relationship with Flynn, as well as her future.

4 Star Review
Reviewer Allison East

This is a new adult novel, based on high school relationships. High school is hard, especially for Cass. She isn’t like one of the slutty girls that are portrayed in her class. Some of the jocks in her class make a bet that Rob, head jock, (or head jerk as I like to say) that he can get Cass to show her goods to him. Cass has a great best friend, Neve, and her brother Flynn, who try to keep her safe the night of the dance/bet. Cass also has some feelings for Flynn, as more of a big brother type. Cass has always had a low self-esteem, so she has a hard time accepting that Flynn LIKES her for who she is. And Flynn has a hard job ahead of him convincing Cass that he’s had these feelings for her for a while now.

I’ve never so much as kissed a boy before and you have got me ready to give you everything so quickly – it’s scary how much I want you. So sorry if it’s not the response you were after. I’m doing the best that I can.” 

The relationship between Cass and Flynn is cute, and unpredictable. I really loved their relationship, and how mature they seemed for being in high school. He also protects her like the alpha male he is, which I love. Cass shuts out everyone- because of an incident that happens, and I get it, I do. But Flynn was clueless and didn’t understand what was going on with her.

Flynn goes back to university- leaving a defenseless Cass behind. And something happened one night as she was closing up shop. Now, Cass has to figure out how to do easy things again; like go outside. She is fearful of everything around her, and that causes her to shut Flynn out.I love reading books written by British authors. The slang is totally different, and I did have to Google a few things. But with that being said, this book was very good. I loved the plot, it was great. I wish Cass could have been a little stronger, and not have pushed Flynn away, but I do understand why she did what she did.  I love the relationship between Cass and Neve as well as Cass and Flynn. They seem very fitting for the setting -a high school romance. 

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