Monday, December 30, 2013

Review: Being With You by Hazel St. James

How much is too much for a battered soul to handle?
Tristan Hart is determined to get his life back together, without anyone holding his hand. Being bipolar doesn’t mean he has to be dependent on others, and he’s going to prove that come hell or high water. As he works one foot in front of the other, something keeps pulling him backwards. There are days he feels close to knowing what is holding him down, but then it slips away with his next breath.
Fate throws him a curve ball when he finds himself needing help from an unlikely source and his life tips upside down…yet again. How many times can Tristan hit rock bottom before it’s too much?
Has fate paved his road to redemption alone, or is there someone else that is meant to be by his side?

4 Fabulous Stars

Review by Jen Hagen

When we left off with the first book, Fighting for You, Tristan had ended his relationship with Peyton because he felt that he was being too dependent on her.  In the second book, Being with You,  Tristan continues to be self loathing and doesn’t want to be dependent on his medications to make him a healthy man.  He wants his life to be stable without all the medications.  Tristan’s nightmares have continued and his panic attacks immediately after awakening from the nightmares have escalated in their frequency and their intensity.  But when he awakes, he cannot remember what the nightmare was about.  He thought life without Peyton would be better as he would maintain some of his own decisions and dependence.  This is not the case, in fact things have gotten worse.


…he was in a habitual circle of dulling the constant repeat of thoughts in his brain with strong mood-altering pills, and as of late, he was adding shots of booze to his nightly regime.


Tristan’s life is not heading in the direction that he envisioned when he forced Peyton out.  His drinking occasionally turns into binges, and his best friend happens to be somebody that he is having regular sex with. He seems to have dropped his dependence on Peyton and ran into the arms of the next available woman without a second thought.   This made me very frustrated with Tristan.   Eventually something has to give in his life and when it does, it brings his world to a stand still.  Tristan just can’t seem to get ahead in his life.  He continually is taking the proverbial one step forward, two steps back, but it seems like his steps backwards are much larger than your normal step.


He could only handle one thing at a time right now, and having his ex-girlfriend whom he was still in love with, but who smothered him, his roommate, whom he was casually sleeping with…all in the same room at the same time was way more than his currently overtaxed brain could handle right now. 


Now Tristan has added one more thing on his list of things to conquer in order to be what he considers a whole man.  The reality of it can either push him further into his depression and self-loathing, or he can face this life-altering challenge with a new-found resolution to find his father who walked out on him as a child.


“What if it’s the final nail in my coffin and it snaps me into pieces that won’t go back together again?”


Tristan’s story will continue to be told in a third installment.  Tristan must learn to accept that he cannot always be independent and will need the comfort and love of others  to get him through the latest detour he has been handed.  He now has strong friendships and love in his life, things he never has had before, and this may be what he needs to accept the challenge head first and come out on top.

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