Monday, January 13, 2014

Blog Tour: Tattoos and Tangles by Melinda A. DiLorenzo


After years of heartache, Cass is ready to begin a new life. She's free of the man who brought her financial and emotional ruin, and she's healing from the loss of her sister. But she never thought her new life would begin with a tattooed stranger who turns her world upside down. 

For six months, John's been living only to find his brother's murderer, and he's getting close. He won't let anything or anyone get in his way. Until a beautiful woman walks out of a tattoo parlor and straight into the sights of his most-hated rival. 

When John rescues Cass from a near kidnapping, the attraction between them is as immediate as it is surprising. John will do anything to keep Cass safe, but as they run for their lives, they discover that what's in their past connects them as surely as the danger closing in on them.

3.5 star review by Allison East

Tattoos and Tangles is a mystery/romance novel.  It's tells the story of Cass and John.
It's told from both points of view, which I love. I love tohear the guys perspective, it's always interesting.  Cass isa quiet woman, who has had tragedy happen in her life. Her sister overdoses at a young age and her husband- runs up her credit and destroys her name. The opening starts at a tattoo shop, where Cass goes with her friend Blair, and wants a tattoo to commemorate her sister, Jeanette.  

John sees Cass in the shop and is kind of drawn to her but he is a mystery
himself. He is looking for his brothers killer- and enters the shop after Cass and Blair leave.  After meeting each other in the club that night, John saves Cass from the villain in the story- Monato. Or so we are led to believe.
A crazy kidnapping ensues, along with tons of suspense, and a hint of romance between Cass and John, who pretend to be married- and just might fall in love after all is said and done. I could have done with more of a heat factor, but the
plot and storyline more than make up for the lack of steam. This was a great quick weekend read for anyone who likes good writing! 


About the author:

Melinda grew up in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia Canada, and rocks a west coast lifestyle.  She wears flip-flops year round, and has to carry an umbrella A LOT.  She is a self-proclaimed book junkie, and can be found at the beach, at the park, or at her kids' sporting events with her nose buried in some form or literature (ebook, paperback, or notebook) on nearly every day of the week.

She is happily married to a handsome hero, and has 3 children who keep her on her toes.

In addition to Tattoos and Tangles, Melinda has 2 self-published titles (Snapshots by Laura and Long Way From Home) and has recently signed a one-book deal at Harlequin for her New Adult Romance, Promises Made, Promises Broken

Her motto is: Writing happily-ever-afters, one page at a time.

You can find Melinda on twitter under the handle @melindawrites, and on Facebook, too.

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