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Review and Giveaway: KM Golland's Temptation Series


**Mature Content**
Recommended for ages 18+ due to sexual situations and language.

Sometimes being happily married and completely content is not at all what it seems.

That is what 35 year old, happily married mother of two, Alexis Summers finds out when she decides it is time to return to work. After being a stay-at-home Mum for the past nine years, Alexis now realises a complete career change is just what she needs.

She becomes a Concierge Attendant in a prestigious hotel in Melbourne working for the owner of the hotel, Bryce Clark. He resides in the penthouse, is extremely hot, and is a man who always gets what he wants and what he wants is Alexis.
She does a relatively good job resisting Bryce at first, but the undeniable chemistry, sexual tension, and playfulness between the two of them is intense.
Bryce has copious amounts of money, sex appeal, and above all else, is a genuinely nice guy. Bryce has been waiting for his one true love to come along, and he is positive that one true love is Alexis.

There is one problem, she is happily married to Rick. And, no matter how strong her feelings for Bryce are, she is adamant she will not cheat. She draws a line in the sand but finds it increasingly hard not to cross. Will she succumb to Temptation?

4 Fantastic Stars

Review by Allison East

I am having a huge internal dilemma with this book and here is why…
Alexis is a wife, and mother of two- who is 35 and just getting back into the career world. She gets a job as a concierge assistant in Center Towers, a huge hotel/shopping district in Australia. Its run by Bryce Edwards, the CEO and her he is her new boss. I love him, can I have one? He is a man of many talents, and when he sets his sights on something he wants, he gets it. Unfortunately (or fortunately- whichever way you look at it) for Alexis, he wants her.
Once she arrives at work in her first day, she had an accident with Bryce- picture Christian Grey AND Gideon Cross together! The pull between the pair is fast and intense; it’s filled with flirty banter.
Rick, who has done nothing for you to dislike him, is her husband- and is seemingly a great guy. Only he may be hiding some secrets we have yet to find out.
I like Rick, I really do. But for some dang reason, I can’t get Bryce out of my head. Yes, I am married- and have a child, and I could never see myself falling in love or having feelings for someone else. Neither can Alexis. So when she sees Bryce and is having those feelings, she doesn't know what to do.
"If you are in love with two people, choose the second one; because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn't have fallen for the second." 
Truer words have never been spoken.
The book also reminds me a bit of Indecent Proposal, when Bryce asks Rick for permission to spend a week with his wife- offering a HUGE payout. But he has to keep the money a secret, there may be a little blackmailing of Rick because he has secrets to hide-things he kept hidden from Alexis.
After Alexis is in an accident and has slept it off in Bryce’s penthouse, she goes home to talk to Rick, and he confesses his secrets, driving her back to the arms of Bryce.
The book ends on a cliffhanger, with a promise of more Bryce and Alexis- and what could happen to her and Rick’s relationship. Also if Rick will tell Alexis of the money offered to him by Bryce.
Here is my internal dilemma- KM paints Bryce in such a light that you HAVE to love him. He is an alpha male, with many talents and you are just drawn to his personality. So that is why I struggle, because while I value the institution of marriage, I am having a hard time disagreeing with Alexis and her decision to pursue- or want to pursue- something more with Mr. Clark.
Also the secondary characters are quite fun- from Mr. Clark’s sister, to Alexis’ circle of friends. I love when the extra characters are just as good as the main ones.
I can’t wait to get my “Satisfaction,” on in the second book to the trilogy from KM Golland, and the best part is I DON’T HAVE TO WAIT! It is already out, so you don’t have to wait either!! Enjoy!


This book is for mature audiences, 18+ It contains explicit language and sexual content.

Life hands out challenges that we all unwillingly accept. We have no choice in the acceptance really because that is essentially what life is; a series of unavoidable challenges thrown our way for us to overcome.

Alexis Summers is no stranger to facing challenges, as she has had her fair share of them since meeting and subsequently falling in love with Bryce. He was her new employer who had dominantly pursued her while she was happily married. But, it wasn't until her husband Rick, had confessed to previously having an affair, that Alexis finally allowed herself to give in to the temptation, that was Bryce Edward Clark.

In Satisfaction—Alexis and Bryce spend the most amazing week together, and discover the connection and love they share with one another, goes far deeper than anything they have ever experienced. What Alexis doesn't know, is the truth behind her husband’s confession, and the underhanded deal Bryce made with him behind her back. Alexis’ world will come crashing down around her when she discovers their secret, and she will once again find herself faced with having to overcome more of life’s challenges.

4 Stars

Reviewer Allison East

Alexis and Bryce have been given their week. They are using every minute of it. They can’t keep their hands off of each other, and frankly- I don’t blame them. I think I would have probably reacted the same way, had my husband revealed that he cheated on me.  Bryce evens takes her for a few days on a romantic getaway. When they get back home- its will be back to reality. 

Rick slept with someone else and didn’t tell her for 5 years. He has given her the week as promised. But now it is time to talk to one another- but a week for me, wouldn’t be enough. And Alexis feels the same way.

Then Rick has had enough and goes to Bryce’s office to confront the both of them, and things don’t go so well. They go bad enough that Alexis takes off and leaves both of the men there staring after her. She needs some time away and goes to her parents’ house in Country Victoria

Of course the guys find out and follow her, and she comes up with the brilliant plan/idea to date both men. I think it was awesome writing, to have them date her- they both did something very wrong and they needed to be punished.
In the back of Alexis’ mind though,  I knew she wouldn’t really give Rick a chance- especially after admitting to having an affair, and taking Bryce’s money.  
Still something about Bryce, just made me swoon. Maybe it was that Christian Grey quality about him, the very alpha- protective type.

Alexis could be frustrating, but wouldn’t you be frustrating, if your world for 17 years was just rocked? I say she had every right to be.
I really enjoyed all the different points of view. It’s nice to know how and what everyone thinks sometimes.
The ending wasn’t a huge cliffhanger; it just set up nicely the culmination of Bryce and Alexis’ story. I can’t wait to read what KM Golland has in store for the last book!! If it’s anything like the first two, its going to be great!!


We can stumble upon a connection in life—a feeling, an instinct even. Having an uncontrollable desire to act upon it, all the while knowing that acting upon it may or may not be the right thing to do. The thing is it’s in that action where we prove our initial feeling to be right or wrong.

Alexis Summers did just that; she took the plunge, acted on her instinct and followed her heart—a heart that led her to Bryce Clark. He was Melbourne’s wealthiest bachelor, and she was a happily married mum—or, so she thought. They were worlds apart, yet somehow became inseparable.

In Fulfillment - Alexis and Bryce are finally happy, in love, and expecting their first child together. But nothing is ever as it seems. One person does not share in their happiness and wants Alexis gone for good. One person can destroy everything.

4 Wonderful Stars
Review by Allison East
Fulfillment starts where Satisfaction ends. Bryce and Alexis are living together and are still in love. They are expecting a child together, which wasn’t what they had planned but sometimes life throws wicked curveballs. 

 I am totally in love with this series. Bryce is so amazing. He is the defining alpha male. He is all of your favorite book boyfriends combined. He is the definition of perfect. He is a fantastic man, and every woman wants him, and Alexis is lucky to have found him. Bryce always knows what to say. Some things he said may have been cheesy- but that is what I loved about him. His love for Alexis and her children was beautiful; the way he loves Nate and Charli  as if they were his own.

Alexis is such a strong woman. I love her too, the way she loves is stronger than anything I know! She is a beautiful woman, inside and out and when something amazing happens to her, she is a strong female. She can, for the most part, stand up for herself. Her encounter with Chelsea- is probably one of my favorite scenes in all three books!  She deserves to be happy, and for all things good to come her way.

During Fulfillment, Bryce and Alexis are faced with a devastating accident. But, it was incredible to see these characters suffering and for them to be so strong.


I love the secondary characters- the friends and family members make the book fantastic as well.

The Lady and the Tramp scene- another favorite- was off the charts awesome. And if you want sweltering heat from a book- look no further.  Bryce is a panty melter for sure!
And in the end you start to actually care for Gareth- even though I haven’t really liked him in the past books, because of his split personalities- especially Scott.

And of course there is an HEA, don’t fret about that- I can’t wait to read the novella after this to get into Mr. Bryce Edward Clark’s head, as its written in his POV!!!
You will love this series, and this book was my favorite- but the series as a whole was wonderful.
And you get to look forward to Bryce’s friend Derek, and Alexis’ friend, Carly’s story!!!
Contrition, one would say is a humane and moral virtue. But in order to experience this form of repentance, you must first acknowledge your sin then show remorse for your wrongdoing.

For most of Bryce Clark’s adult life, he had been plagued by guilt over what he claimed was a wrong decision; a lapse of better judgement on his part. He hadn’t lived the life he wanted to live, or thought he deserved—until Alexis came along.

Alexis Summers—a breath of fresh air, blown in for Bryce to inhale, allowing him to once again breathe; and live. She ensnared his heart, mind, body, and soul. She consumed him, completely.

Inseparable from the moment they first met, Bryce and Alexis are now engaged and expecting a baby. Bryce has everything he has ever wanted; wealth, the girl, and to become a father. Will he finally achieve his ultimate attainment? Or will guilt of what he deems are his mistakes—his sins—ruin everything?

4.5 "I Loved It" Stars


Review by Allison East



Bryce’s POV? Yes please!

This novella in the Temptation Series is completely from Bryce's POV. It is not Fulfillment from his POV, it fills in the blanks for the gaps of their life from the end of the Fulfillment until the epilogue two years later.

I just loved reading his thoughts; it just made the story that much sweeter. And we get to hear his thoughts on becoming a father, death, marriage and life after.
His POV is so Bryce. He is funny with a cocky edge. He can be serious, and yes emotional. KM did a great job getting into his head- so much so you’d think it was a man that wrote it!

I always look forward to the epilogue in every book. Sometimes, I hope it's years down the line so we can see the family all grown up. This one was the best one yet, it shows us what life is like for the Clark family seven years later. So exciting!!

The Temptation Series was great and I am so glad to have had the chance to read these books. KM made me a fan of her series and most likely any story she writes in the future!

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