Thursday, February 6, 2014

Review and Giveaway: A signed paperback of June Gray's Disarm and Henry Logan's dog tags

For the first time in print—June Gray's bestselling erotic romance DISARM. 
When the secrets of the past begin to surface, the truth can be disarming… Twenty-six-year-old Elsie Sherman has had a crush on her brother’s best friend, Henry Logan, since she was twelve years old. 
Unfortunately, Henry —now an Air Force officer— has only ever treated her like a younger sister, stepping into her brother’s shoes after he was killed in action.  
That is, until the night when one dance ignites a sensual fire between the two, leaving Elsie aroused and confused. Is she allowed to lust after her surrogate big brother, who also happens to be her roommate? As the passion between them crosses the line into a territory that teases with the forbidden, Elsie decides to give herself to the man she has always desired. But Elsie is not prepared for where the relationship will take her.

4 Fantastic Stars

Review by Allison East

This is such a great series delving into the relationship between Henry Logan and Elsie Sherman. Elsie has had a crush on her brother's best friend Henry, for as long as she can remember. Unfortunately for her, he seems to only reciprocate in a platonic way. Little does she know that Henry has loved her since she cut his hair before he went into the military. Henry has to step up his game though because Elsie's brother dies in Afghanistan. Then one night, after Henry has been acting like a prude, they have a dance together at a local bar and things begin changing. It leaves Elsie confused, just as much as it does Henry. She doesn't know what to do because on one hand she should stay far away from her surrogate big brother, on the other- he's all she's ever wanted.

I fell in love with Henry and Elsie- This series has quickly become a favorite of mine. Trust me when I say the writing is good and it definitely hooks you. And the sex is steamy!!! I rooted for them to get together and you have to keep read until you find out if they do. I laughed, cried, and at one point had to put my kindle down I was so frustrated at one or the other of them!! This series was in my top 30 of 2012- you will enjoy it!

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