Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Review and Giveaway: Undone by R E Hunter

Five years ago, Embry Jacobs ran...

She ran from a past that still hasn’t let her go, but her dream of becoming a lawyer is stronger than her fear of confronting that past. Embry’s sole focus is to get through law school—with the help of her best friend, Morgan—and make something of the broken girl she became. Not thinking about falling in love, being in a relationship or even entertaining the idea of romance, Embry is moving forward one day at a time.

Luke Brody is charming and sexy, and has a past of his own. He wants nothing more than to put his demons to rest and move on with his life. But, when Embry enters the picture, is he destined to repeat those same mistakes?

Blindsided by their instant attraction, neither Luke nor Embry are prepared for the feelings they’re developing. But will it all be for nothing?

Will they let their pasts destroy them, or will they risk everything to fight for their relationship when it all comes undone?

4 Fabulous Stars

By Jen Hagen

I am drawn to teacher/student books like a moth to a flame.  I have come to think of myself as the taboo relationship extraordinaire.  I have read so many of these forbidden love stories that by now I have a profound sense of judgement when it comes to rating these books.  I can justifiably say that Undone did not disappoint me.    

Embry is beginning her first year of law school.  She ran away from a troubled life 5 years ago that took her thousands of miles away from home and has recently moved back to attend college with her best friend.  It is only her best friend that knows the real reason as to why she ran.

Luke is a southern hottie attorney who happens to be on the college campus on numerous occasions because of research that he is collecting.  Luke and Embry always seem to have a collision when the two come at each other.  Very few words are spoken during these instances, but the quick glance overs each of them sneak are enough to speak volumes.
When introductions take place, there is no mistaking the lust-filled air that surrounds them.  Embry is cautious as she is wanting to focus all her attention on her studies and she is still dealing with a past relationship gone wrong.  Luke is very persistent…
“Maybe we can work something out, because I don’t think I’m ready to give up on you just yet.” 

How can anyone deny Luke?  He is hot, a charmer, and willing to work around Embry’s hesitation.  He is a gentleman and is not pushing Embry into anything that she isn’t comfortable with.  He is taking this slow and wants it to work.  Luke seems perfect; but wait, hold on…there’s something Luke hasn’t told Embry.   He failed to mention something really important.

 Luke stood at the front of the class, his sad eyes still searching hers, and in that moment she felt as if her heart had leapt from her chest and fell to the floor.  

He lied to me. 

Turns out he has a side job in addition to be an attorney.  How can a relationship be possible now knowing that it will cause immense destruction to both of them if it’s revealed?  His career would be over and her pursuit of a law degree would be stalled.  And why would he even pursue a relationship knowing it was never going to be possible? 

“Because you were never just another girl to me.” 

Luke and Embry’s secret romance blossoms and grows into love.  But several things are off with Luke.  Little things he says and things Embry overhears begin to cast doubt in her mind as to how truthful he is being.  

The man she had given her heart to— was willing to risk everything for— was nothing more than a liar. Everything they’d been through, everything they’d shared … none of it was real.

Luke’s lies and omissions of truth have come full circle and now we have to wait until August to see what happens next in the lives of Embry and Luke.  There are lots of drama-filled moments in Undone and I enjoyed each one. 



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