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Blog Tour: The Story of Us by Ellen Faith

Alexandra Jones has a pretty peachy life. A gorgeous, stinking rich fiancé, her sleazy boss is retiring which means an imminent promotion in a job she loves, and she gets her best friends Jimmy Choos when she dies, although she would prefer her best friend to stick around as long as possible. Obviously.

But when a blast from the past turns up on her doorstep just as her world turns upside down, she decides to take her best friend, Rosie, up on her offer of a 10 day break in San Francisco. Whilst Rosie works on a fashion shoot and Alexandra becomes well acquainted with the photographer’s brother, it becomes clear that this trip is one that will change their lives forever.

4.5 star Review by Jen Skewes

I loved this book.  I twas fun and witty and a refreshing read.  

Lexi seemed to have it all.  she was up for a promotion at the job she loves and she is engaged to the man that she loves.  Until one day her life is completely turned upside down.  The promotion that she thought she was getting didn't happen.  So she quits and goes home only to find out that her very rich fiancé proved to be the jerk that I sensed he really was.  And then her  first love who she hasn't seen in 13 years is back in town and unfortunately for Lexi he is completely unavailable.  So she lost her job, her fiancé and does;t have any place to live.  So she moves in with her best friend rosie and her husband Jason who is like a brother to her.  And then Rosie comes up with this fantastic idea.  Rose is going to the states for a photo shoot and wants Lexi to go with her.  Help her to live a little and move on from the job she let the creep that she almost married.  It's time for Lexi to have a little fun and that is exactly what she intends to do.   While in the States, Lexi meets Ryan a who seems like a complete jerk, but very cute.

Ryan's brother is a photographer who is working with Rosie on the shoot.  Ryan has been in California for a while now and he agrees to help be their tour guide.  Ryan isn't the most pleasant person when you first meet him and you just wonder what exactly his deal it.   But as time goes on you see the real Ryan and find out exactly why he is that way.  He too was hurt and betrayed.   It seems that they have something in common and and n understanding of what they each went through.  Lexi and Ryan start to spend alot of time together.  There is definitely an attraction there but they also feel comfortable with each other and enjoy the time that they spend together.  But when their pasts come back will they let their fears, insecurities and perhaps some misunderstandings get in the way of their relationship?

I loved everything about this book.  Lexi was such a wonderful heroine.  She was fun, and down to earth, strong and such a lovable character.  She lost her job and her fiancé and she didn't sit home and feel sorry for herself.  She went to the California with her best friend to move on and find a life for herself.  Her and Ryan were so good and so cute together.  Yes he was little bit of a jerk on their first meeting but once you see why and you see the real Ryan you can't help fall for him.  He was a mazing guy who cared for and wanted to help and protect Lexi.  Rosie is the best friend that any girl would want by her side.  Lexi, Rosie, her husband Jason and Luke all grew up together.  Luke moved away at the age of 17 but Rosie and Jason stayed together and got married.  They are such amazing friends to Lexi. 

The Story of Us is a funny, witty story of finding love again.  The characters that Ms. Faith created are characters that you will fall in love with.  They are characters that you want as friends and to hang out with.  I loved their humor and the witty banter.  I loved how well you can relate to these characters.  There was a little bit of drama but for the most part this  was a wonderful refreshing read, and one that has some laugh out loud moments.  I loved going on this adventure with Lexi and Rosie.  And one that I certainly recommend.  This is a must read!!

Author Bio:

Ellen lives in the wonderful county of Yorkshire, England where she spends most of her time baking, eating, baking, and eating. Occasionally she does leave the house to go to the cinema or do some food shopping though. 

After spending years with an overactive imagination, she decided to put all the magic in her head to some good use and put finger to laptop where The Story of Us was born and became her debut novel. 

She loves to travel, her favourite destinations so far have all been in America, hence the love of all things, and all people, American. The food rocks pretty hard too, she ate until her jeans begged her to stop whilst she was there. True fact.

Aside from day dreaming and eating, Ellen is a sucker for a lolcat, penguins and monkeys - she has never claimed to be normal. 

I can't believe how quick the tour has come around, I'm really looking forward to it.

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  1. Adding to my tbr. Love the review and always want to read a variety of books so something lighter and funny is always a bonus. Thanks.

  2. havent read it yet added it to my tbr list denise smith

  3. I haven't read it yet but this book sounds amazing! Definitely going to add to my list! Thanks for sharing!


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