Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Review and Giveaway: Then There Was You by Melanie Dawn

Out of despair comes hope. 

Chris King never saw it coming…
In some ways, closing the book on my first love was the worst day of life. I was gutted, and yet I was completely at peace with my decision. I walked away knowing that I did what was best for her, unsure if I could ever recover. 
Little did I know that one concert would change the entire course of my life. 

There I stood, signing autographs and snapping pictures with fans when a familiar face in the crowd catapulted my mind back in time—Salem Honeycutt, once a balm to my pain and a calm in my storm. Yet again, her smiling face gave me hope.
Only one question remained: did she still see me as a wayward teenage boy who was completely off limits, or could she see the man I'd become…focused and driven, yearning for another chance at love?

For Salem Honeycutt, postpartum bliss seemed like a lie...
No one told me that I’d hate my baby when I brought her home from the hospital. No one told me that I’d want to put a pillow over my husband’s head and smother him in his sleep. No one told me that I’d want to slap every person who gave me the ever-so-cliché advice to ‘cherish every moment.’ No one told me that I’d despise my life the minute I became a mother, but I did.

Then I met Chris King, the kid who made me want to pull myself up from the dark recesses of my mind and face each day. This kid, whose passion for life and talent for music, touched my soul deeper than I could ever touch his. Chris gave me a reason to live.

I was once affectionately known as Mrs. H., Chris’s juvenile detention counselor. 

This is our story.


5 Fantastic Stars
Review by Allison East
I loved this sophomore novel from Melanie. So Much it Hurts was great, but I was totally left ugly crying over Chris King. I loved him so much, and I wanted nothing more than a happy ending for him. Then I found out she was writing a second book and it was about Chris. I'm sure I was jumping up and down screaming, I was so excited.
Salem Honeycutt- what a great name first of all; loved her. The novel starts off in the present day. Salem’s daughter Alexis is a huge fan of Fifth Wheel- Chris King’s band. Salem bought backstage passes, and as her daughter is getting an autograph- Chris spots her and wants to give her an autograph too. As he hears her familiar name, he is transported back to when he was seventeen years old and in juvie. Salem was his counselor. She was only twenty four, and Chris was almost eighteen. They had a very strong relationship and they basically save each other, which I love.
So the book goes from past to present, which is a difficult task for me to like in a novel. I really enjoyed it though. It shows emotions that are real and tangible. They have a special bond, and it’s not romantic, but a very strong friendship. Both of their characters are so well developed.
“Go,” she urged me. “You’ve planted your roots, now go spread your wings.”
Salem is a strong and fierce heroine, who had a myriad of problems when she was younger and knew Chris. But she grew up into a strong woman. At thirty eights she is still a little self-conscious around Chris because she is older. Chris knows age is only but a number.
There are definitely twists and turns, up and downs. There are great loveable moments that made me fall in love with Chris all over again. The tattoo in Latin, and all the additions to the first tattoo, were wonderful. And the song lyrics, added to the heartbreak- and eventually the love that was felt through the whole book.
This book was wonderfully written, with some great heated elements. And Melanie Dawn has built in me, a fan for life.
 “You’re the reason for me.”
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