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Against All Odds by Angie McKeon Blog Tour

Title: Against All Odds
Author: Angie McKeon
Release Date: April, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Our lives shattered... Our hearts broken... Our souls torn to pieces...

He was my world, my whole life. My reason for breathing. I had a perfect marriage, a baby on the way, and I felt fulfilled—almost invincible.

Until the day life hit, leaving me broken, vulnerable, and alone.

She was my life. My ray of hope on the cloudiest day. With her, I thought I had the ultimate safety. A love that would never hurt or betray me. I gave her my heart, my body, and my soul.

Until she broke me, destroying every dream and illusion I had about life, love, and marriage.

In our grief, we made a mistake. A mistake I'm not sure we can come back from.

4 Star Review by Jennifer Hagen

Holy cow…this was full of angst.  This was just what I was looking for when I was in a book slump and needed a book that would get my emotions all over the place.  This story was a hot mess, but one I could not put down.  Both lead characters are broken and rightfully so, but yet instead of working to put themselves back together they ignore the issue in front of them and allow their grief to control their lives with hurt and betrayal.  Both characters are at fault for the direction their marriage has taken.

Kylie and Cooper have been in love with each other since they were 16.  They are now 24 and for the past 2 years have been walking on eggshells around each other.  Two years ago they were given a devastating loss and one that neither of them could come back from; Kylie never accepted the loss and Cooper couldn’t forgive Kylie for not being there for him when he needed her the most.

“I can’t do it without you, baby.  Please, I can’t do this alone…I should be able to carry this for both of us, but I can’t.”

And just like that their relationship is not the same…”His love for me is still there, but the tenderness is gone.  Something’s changed.  A switch between us has flipped…”  Now instead of looking at each with love in their eyes, when their eyes meet all they see is despair and betrayal.   Cooper asks for time and Kylie is willing to give it to him, but she feels desolate and isn’t able to find any solace in the arms of her husband.  She proposes a way for both of them to find the happiness they can’t seem to find with each other, and Cooper goes along with it no matter how much it hurts him or destroys any chance of finding their way back to each other.  

Grayson is a like a brother to Cooper.  They have known each other since they were preschoolers.  Cooper has had Grayson watching out for Kylie throughout the past 2 years when he couldn’t bring himself to be in her presence .  Cooper chooses to run from his problems instead of facing them head on.   Grayson is a super nice guy who doesn’t judge his friends for the decisions that they have made in their relationship.  He stands on both of their sides, never pitting one against the other.   Until recently his friendship with Kylie was strictly platonic, but now Grayson is forthcoming with his emotions and wants to be a part of Kylie’s life.  Grayson believes that he is the man that can make her happy again.

“I just want you happy, sweet cheeks.  It kills me to say this, but I don’t think Cooper’s that guy anymore.”

Cooper and Kylie are so broken, but yet they still don’t give up on each other.   Their love runs deep, but at this point in their lives they can’t even be intimate with each other.   How can love hurt so much?  Wouldn’t it be better to just let the other one go?  They both believe that with time they will find each other again.  There has been so much hurt and betrayal between them that it seems that it would be a miracle for them to be able to forgive and trust each other once again.  In the meantime, Grayson’s love for Kylie is both seen and heard by Cooper.  Is this what it will take for Cooper to make the move to take back his wife, or is too late for them? 

“I’m sorry, bro, but I’m in love with her.”

I am an addict when it comes to good angst.  The two men had me changing my mind constantly as to who was the better one for Kylie.  There is so much history with Cooper and Kylie and their love seems to be undying for each other, but yet Grayson is able to prove that he would be there for Kylie in both good and bad times.  There is never a happy three-way in a love triangle.  Somebody always ends up getting hurt and the pain this man feels is palpable with the author’s words.  The one that gets left behind will be getting his own book in the future and I look forward to reading more from this author and continuing the journey.

Our fingers lace together, and he tugs me close. My chest is crushed to his, and his face brushes the side of mine. I feel his hot breath in my ear, sending a trail of goose bumps down my body. Damn, he feels good. Warm, hard, and lean.
“Tell me something,” he whispers. My pulse spikes as I try to push back, aware that Cooper could see this, but he doesn’t let me go. “How do you want to be fucked? I can take you hard and fast, or slow. Are you wild, Kylie? Because that mouth of yours has me so hard, I can’t wait to shove my cock in it. I want you. So fucking badly.” He presses his dick against my stomach. “That’s what you’ve done to me with your naughty voice and attitude. I just hope you’re as good as you give, sweetheart.”
I’m breathless. I lick my lips, swallowing hard. “You can have me anyway you want.”
He stills, and the air around us, already charged, turns wicked. He pulls back, and his face is so hot, I melt. I dissolve into a pool of lust as I stare into his hungry eyes.
He plants a soft kiss on the corner of my lips. “How did I get this lucky tonight?”

All rights reserved. Against All Odds © 2014 Copyright, Angie McKeon.

A multi-tasker from birth—and now proudly able to add 'writer' to my resume—I'm a mother, wife and blogger. I love to read, write and drink copious amounts of iced coffee.

All three aforementioned addictions are detrimental to my sanity.

I have a voracious appetite for dark, painful and twisted reads. I'm enamored with the concept of love and heart break. I believe life is a journey, a tale in its own for each of us. The road to happiness is sometimes paved with stones from hell, or glitters of satisfaction graced from the heavens above.

In my upcoming debut novel, 'Against All Odds,' I strive to make you feel. I believe any emotion—whether painful or happy—is good. To me, the key to living is to go through life feeling its ups and downs. Love is dark and it can be painful but, at the end of the day, it can save the most lost of souls and the most broken of hearts

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