Thursday, April 10, 2014

Review and Giveaway: Never Let Me Go by L.K. Gandy

Sawyer Hall, a successful lawyer from Nashville, spends most of her time working or partying with her charismatic and mouthy best friend, Charlee.

Struggling with memories of her college boyfriend, Jaxx, and the loss of their baby, she is unprepared for the feelings that emerge when she meets Branson Phillips.

Branson Phillips is a local bar owner with dark hair, vibrant green eyes, and a laugh that awakes emotions Sawyer hasn’t felt in a very long time.

She never expected another man to walk into her life and turn it on end. The question is, now that he has, will she be able to let go of the painful loss of her past and allow love back into her life?


4 Heart Warming Stars
Review by Jen Hagen
Sawyer had it all…she had a gorgeous funny fiancĂ©e, a baby 3 weeks away from making his/her arrival, and a great group of close friends.  Four years later, all that remains from that list is her group of friends.  Sawyer is now 28 years old and a lawyer remaining in the home that she and Jaxx had once resided in.  All that remains of Jaxx is a headstone, photos, and memories. 


Sawyer meets Branson one evening and there is instant chemistry between the two.  They both drive lifted diesel pickup trucks…how much more could they have in common?  The answer to that is quite a bit and herein lays the surmise of the plot.

“Listen Sawyer, there are things about me that will surprise you, but I’m hoping you’ll have an open mind.” 

Branson is heart-stopping gorgeous, gentle, kind and loving.  He has a great family that supports him and makes certain that nobody will hurt him and everything he holds close to his heart.  Branson’s brother in particular is very protective of his brother and makes certain that Sawyer understands everything when it comes to becoming part of Branson’s heart and life.  Branson is very clear when it comes to him wanting more with Sawyer…it’s either all or nothing. 

“I need you to know that there is no try with us.  Either you are, or you’re not ready.” 

Sawyer needs to open up to Branson about her past and all that she has lost, but it’s never the right time to explain.  How do you tell somebody that your life will forever have a huge void?  That your life will forever be changed?  That you will never be the same again?  When she does finally let Branson know everything they are both in for a huge surprise.   

“Why do you have a picture of this man?”   

This was a good quick read that packed passion, love, humor and drama in the small number of pages.  I adored Branson and his ability to love with everything that he has.  His brother was somebody we all would want standing by our side.  Sawyer’s best friend is a hoot and those two made me laugh with every conversation they had.  Sawyer was blessed to have had a great love in a great man and knew what being loved entailed.  Sawyer’s heart has been shattered and Branson’s heart will always have a hole in it, but together they can find a way to mend each other's.

 “Everything happens for a reason.”

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