Thursday, April 10, 2014

Review and Giveaway: Wall of Trust by AJ Pryor

If you don’t know his name, could he be Mr. Right? That’s the million-dollar question for twenty-six-year-old Casey Jacobs. The up-and-coming stylist whose talent speaks for itself, doesn’t have the same eye for men as she does fashion. So when a sexy mystery man wants to trade numbers, but not names, she’s more than a little skeptical.

Wall of Trust is the enchanting modern-day romance by author AJ Pryor that explores whether you have to access a person’s identity to know his heart. When Casey meets a very attractive tech genius, she is keen to find out more about him. The catch: he’ll only divulge his name if she goes on a date with him. Still smarting from a past two-timing boyfriend, Casey is pretty sure the man with no name has something equally unsavory to hide.
As their lives intertwine, a woman arrives on the scene who might just force Casey to end their deepening romance. Is it time to toss him aside like last season’s stilettos? Find out in this sweet, flirtatious read that’s brimming with fun and heart.

4.5 Fantastic Stars
Review by Allison East
When Colleen Hoover suggests adding a book to your reading list- you know you have to buy it. And this book was no exception. It was fantastic from start to finish. It had me guessing and second guessing myself on what would happen next between Yoga Man and Speedy Girl. And I am glad I gave this new author a chance.

Casey Jacobs, stylist to the stars- is excited about getting a potentially huge client. And her day begins like any other, yoga- where she can stare at her hottie in the front dream man, then coffee and shower before her interview. But fate has different plans.

Mason Green is a hot commodity. Probably the single most eligible bachelor- and he has his sights set on Casey, only she wants nothing to do with a relationship. It’s hard for Casey to trust, since being dumped by the douche of an ex she wasted years on. She caught him in his bedroom with a mistress, that’s something you can’t unsee. Her trust is shattered, as it should be. And she is having a hard time trusting another man.

She literally bumps into Mason and sparks fly. But the leave the meeting open ended, saying if they run into each other again, its fate and she will have to go out with him. There are a couple more chance meetings and she finally agrees to go on a lunch date with him. She just knows it will end badly like her last relationship.

But, Mason is different. He's caring, sweet, thoughtful and, a total nerd. But he does have secrets, secrets he can’t tell Casey- and it only leads to bad things as Casey imagines the worst.

Mason and Casey are great characters, I love them both. This book is filled with happiness and sadness, and some angst. It’s the perfect mixture. It is a standalone and a HEA, but that means that they go through and hell and back to get there. Mason’s secrets do come to light, but they do not directly involve Casey, as she worried that she might.

The secondary friend characters are well liked too. Her best guy friend, Nick, goes through some stuff too- and I ultimately think he is in love with Casey, but I couldn’t have been farther from the truth. I totally hated Rachel Peters too, snobby stuck up actress type- you will love to hate her as well.

AJ Pryor has built a fan in me for life. I will probably read anything she puts out. And I can’t wait for more. 

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