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Spotlight on MJ. Fields' Love Series, Burning Souls and Wrapped Series

A word from MJ Fields....Three Series and a book…in the order they should be read.

The Love series, The Wrapped series, The Burning Souls series and Love You Anyways.

The Love Series (Blue Love, New Love, Sad Love, and True Love) is about a girl who loves a boy. It follows the story of Tessa Ross and Lucas Links from their senior year until college graduation. It is a story not unlike one’s we have all lived, or watched as we grew up into young adults. It’s full of family, friends, and love, in all forms. At first you will get the impression that this could be a YA book… BUT IT IS FAR FROM YA.

Author note- This series was written from June 2012 and finished less than three months later, Book four True Love was written first and then I had to give it a back story. I fell hard for the bad boy Lucas Links and he has consumed my life for almost two years. He’s the boy we all had and wanted to fix (Yeah I know…). It is also my very first attempt at writing and I promise you if you look past the errors you won’t be disappointed. I have grown a lot as a writer in that time (all 22 months that I’ve been doing this, lol.) I jumped in with both feet, had never even heard of Beta readers, book blogs, etc. 16 books later here I sit with an agent who looked me up and is in the process of signing my Men of Steel series, which is not connected to this set of series, and has two other new series as well. Crazy and exciting whole new world for me.

The Wrapped Series (Wrapped in Silk, Wrapped in Armor, Wrapped Always and Forever) Is not Tessa and Lucas’ story but some of the characters from the Love series carry over and play a pretty important role in this series.

Emma Fields was married to Tessa Ross’ cousin Troy Fields. Troy’s mom is Josie (Owner of THE SPOT, the bar Lucas and Tessa worked at their senior year.) Josie is Tessa’s father John’s sister.

Emma leaves Troy because he strayed from their marriage and has alcohol and drug issues. They have a daughter London.

Emma meets Brody Hines and the Wrapped series is their love story. Brody is a British rock star who has one hell of a past. He left it behind at a young age and moved to the United States.

Emma has no idea who he is when they first meet, but is drawn to him immediately. She fights her attraction to him. Emma feels she is too old for him and she doesn’t want to confuse her daughter at a difficult time in her young life. Brody, well he doesn’t take no for an answer.

Book one reads like a typical love story, but don’t let it fool you. It is full of sex, drugs, rock and roll, and a very dark past is exposed. Mystery, suspense, and moments that will have you wondering what the hell just happened are abundant in this series.

The Burning Souls Series (Stained, Forged, and Merged) This series immediately follows Wrapped. Harper is Tessa’s (from the Love series) daughter and Maddox is Emma’s son (from the Wrapped series)… sort of, but I won’t give that away. Maddox and Harper also start out with a YA feel but again NOT YA at all. Maddox was a very abused child until he was discovered and saved by Brody Hines and Harper’s father. Maddox, oh Maddox, how I love him, and to my very soul I hope all people  in the world who suffer as he did for nearly fifteen years of his life can grow and feel love in its purest form. Oh and did I mention Maddox follows in his father’s footsteps, yes, he’s a hot British rocker with very alpha tendencies.

You will also see the Ross crew in this series and many others.

LOVE YOU ANYWAYS is not a series but a standalone spin off of all ten books mentioned above. Tessa is now in her mid-forties and I have put her through enough. She deserves a HEA and she gets it.

What's next???

Two more series are definitely going to spring off of these. London will have her own, but Ava first. Fall of 2014 will be the next we hear from this crew. Right now Men of Steel is my focus and then I am taking a month off. The reason why? I need a break, lol.

Thank you so much for following along in this ‘twenty plus’ years of book love.

New release Love You Anyways!

When Lucas Links finds out his wife has been cheating on him his world is rocked. Ashley, his wife, blames him for her nearly five year affair with Senator Robert Shaw. Ashley says she has lived for twenty years knowing her husband is in love with his high school sweetheart Tessa Ross.
Tessa Ross Abrahams, husband Collin, was murdered in an attempt to save their daughters life. She grieved silently. She wanted to show her grown children that she was alright and that even after a devastating loss life can go on. Secretly it was something she doubted.
When Lucas, who is still very much a part of her life lends his support will she take it? Will the passion they shared so many years re surface? Will the sins of his past be forgiven? Will she take a chance at the boy who shattered her heart so many years ago? Will they be able to ignore the extreme sexual desires they had for one another or will they seek comfort in each others bodies and beds?

4.5 Fantastic Loved It Stars! 

Review by Lisa Kane


I am a true romantic. When I think a fictional couple should end up together, it's hard to get the reality of it out of my mind if they don't. This was my dilemma with MJ Fields' Love Series. Four books about college sweethearts,  Tessa and Lucas and no HEA for them. So I passed on reading the series. When I found out that Love You Anyways was coming out and it looked like maybe, possibly, my happy ending for Tessa and Lucas might just be happening, I did a speed read of the four books in the Love series and a quick read of the Burning Souls series. I am planning on going back and doing a much more leisurely read, they were excellent and I don't want to miss a delicious word!

To catch you up to speed, at the end of book #4, True Love, Tessa married Collin. A man she truly loved; not as a revenge marriage or a means to an end to hurt Lucas. Real, true love with a man that didn't constantly cheat on her, or treat her like crap. It broke my heart, somehow I kept hoping that Lucas would redeem himself at the 11th hour and they would end up together. Wrong. Tessa and Collin married, and had 3 children. Harper, their daughter, is the main character of the Burning Souls series, along with rockstar Maddox Hines (which is a great series by the way). Tessa and Lucas are still secondary characters in that series. Lucas married Ashley at the end of True Love, a woman he felt he could be happy with, even if she wasn't Tessa.

Lucas has 2 children with his wife; a daughter Ava (who is Harper's best friend, and a son Logan, a senior in high school. His wife of 20 years, Ashley, has been cheating on him for the last 5 years with a douchebag senator. Guess who she blames for her infidelity? Yep, it's Lucas' fault, because she feels he has always loved Tessa and he is to blame for her feelings of being second best. Ashley is the only woman he hasn't cheated on. All he wants is to have his son graduate and then he will end his marriage.  

Tessa's life has been totally uprooted. Her husband, Collin, was killed while trying to protect his daughter by a real nut job. She is mourning the loss of her 20 year marriage. Lucas came to respect her husband, and knows she is hurting. Could this be their time? 

If Tessa hadn't have left Lucas that last final time, I don't think he would have become the man he eventually became. He made vows to be faithful and he kept them. LYA is told mostly in his POV, and what a hoot that is! He is arrogant, and funny and at times, and vulnerable. He admits to himself that he has never gotten over Tessa, but he would have stayed in his marriage had his wife remained faithful. She didn't and he is not going to lose Tessa a second time.

Just as in life, when we mourn a loss, it is a gradual process. As much as Tessa may have always had feelings for Lucas, she loved her husband and is at a loss as to how to go on. Slowly, she lets Lucas back into her life and eventually into her heart. There is a "Come to Jesus" moment for her that makes her realize how time is precious and maybe this is their chance and she had better not let this one go. She is more aware than most, how life can end in the blink of an eye.

I adored this book, it made all the other books of this series that much sweeter. Sometimes the clouds have to come before you can appreciate the sun. I'm just going to sit back and enjoy my sunny day!

Love Series

Tessa Ross tries to fight her attraction to bad boy Lucas Links. He is hot, arrogant, and has a sexual past that most boys his age could only dream of, (If they even knew they could dream of such things).
Lucas, the star quarterback seems to have it all, super star athletic abilities, expensive clothes, cars, and women who literally stop just to watch him walk by. On the outside he appears to have it all.
Tessa is a young woman who lives her life always doing what is right to make everyone else happy. She tries desperately to hold herself accountable to the demanding expectations of her family and everyone around her.
Is Tessa as innocent as she appears? Is Lucas just a spoiled young man who seems to have what every male, and female want?

Tessa and Luke have decided it best to be friends. But is it possible when they share a love as deep as theirs? Follow Luke as he tries to be the man he realized he wanted to become when he fell in love with Tessa. Follow Tessa as tries to stay strong for herself and Luke through loss, life, and new love.

Love had not been something that has been easy for Tessa Ross and Lucas Links. In book three of MJ Fields Love series we follow Tessa and Luke through their college years. Will they get back together or is enough finally enough?

In Book four of MJ Fields Love series Tessa Ross has finally decided to give herself a break. A break from her forced smiles and the people she loved so that her heart could continue to heal. She needed to continue to figure out a way to stay strong which meant putting distance between her memories and of her and Lucas. Tessa returns to her families house in Cape Code a place that she always loved.

Burning Souls Series

After nearly sixteen years in hell, Maddox finally rises from the ashes. Held captive since birth he never knew normal until the day he watched as two men opened fire on the place he had merely existing since birth. He watched as the woman who visited sporadically throughout his life, a woman he later found out was his mother, as shot dead as he was dragged into the back of a black car by Brody Hines, British Rock Star. Brody’s own twisted past brought him to discover a son he never knew existed..

As a child Maddox took comfort in reading. It was his escape. His only glimpse at what life and love could be. The world he entered was something he could have never imagined. It was full of beauty and madness, yet still overflowing with hope and love.

Maddox Hines is a beautiful young man who was labeled by his school, and the world as emotionally disturbed, having Stockholm syndrome, separation anxiety and possibly being bipolar. His loving family knows better.

In part one of Stained, we watch as Maddox tries to do the right thing only to be beaten down by the true dregs of societies. Provoked, taunted, and his past exposed, Maddox lashes out the only way he knows how, physically

In part two, Maddox must flee the country to avoid being arrested, separating the family he loves. Returning to England, bringing his nightmares even closer to him. Maddox tries in vain throughout the next three years to accept the repeated loss of Harper Abrahams. His one true friend, his first kiss, his secret muse, and the girl who held his heart from the very first time he saw her. He pushes her away knowing she deserves better, that he is not good enough for her, and that he could never be.

Nothing can stop his desire for her, his need for her, and when he cannot take it anymore he brings her back into his life only to realize she is no longer his and his alone. Maddox falls into the only comfort and escape he knows now, sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Maddox becomes his own worst enemy as he pushes away his new life bringing back the past.

Maddox Hines walked away from the things he took comfort in, sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Things that helped dull the pains from his past and allowed him to continue waking up each day and push forward. He set out to win back the love of the girl who held his heart for five years. A girl who he knew was too good for him, deserved better than him, but it no longer mattered.
Maddox set out to win her back. When he found her a life changing secret was revealed. One he felt was a blessing not a curse.
Harper Abrahams fear of disappointing her family came to fruition and Maddox was her rock. When their family left to return to their homes Maddox stayed behind believing things were going as planned and determined to earn her trust back.
Harper pushes him away to guard her heart from what only he was capable of doing to it. Harper loves Maddox but can no longer trust him, there was too much to loose. Pushing him away she hangs onto Blake her friend, confidant, and the man who she knows would be perfect for her. He had never let her down and she knew he never would.
Maddox holds strong in his fight, he won’t lose her again. His persistence pays off but will it get them through what lies ahead. Will the sins of his past annihilate his dreams for his future with Harper? Will he be strong enough for her when she needs him the most?

Maddox has walked through hell on earth to come to the point in life where he finally knows he can love. More importantly he realizes he deserves to be loved.
When Maddox and Harper come together in body there is nothing hotter, in desire nothing deeper, and in love there is nothing stronger than two souls that were created for one another.
In the aftermath of their journey through hell will Maddox be able to conform to a normal life.
Can Maddox and Harper get past all that they have endured? Can they still love when they have lost so much? Will he be able to balance career, love and family? Will their souls finally come together, giving him the beautiful life his tortured soul deserves?

Wrapped Series

Highly emotional, erotic, sensitive story of second chances at life, and love.
Emma a single mother to seven year old London finds herself separated and on the verge of a divorce. She is not looking for love just a happy life and the ability to take care of her daughter. Emma is faced with making the decision to move, giving her the ability to support her family.
While London is on a visit with her father, Emma visits a college room mate, a publicist in New York City she literally runs into Brody Hines, a British rock star. Emma finds herself attracted to him immediately and does not realize who he is.
Left in fates hands the two meet again and he knows he has to have her.

My Dearest Brody,

I have had a difficult day. I hurt thinking of what may have happened to you. I hurt knowing that wherever you are you are unable to get back to us. I hurt knowing that I have failed in finding you. I hurt so much missing you. I hurt knowing that I am either crazy believing that you are out there somewhere and I hurt thinking you are not...It has been eight months without you and I know when I smell your pillow, it truly is not your scent I smell but the memory of it. People say memories fade and that scares me senseless. I never want to go a day when I don’t remember your smile, your smell, your touch, your voice or the way you loved me.

Yours Always and Forever,

Brody laughed as he walked in, “Feisty little thing isn’t she.” He kissed her neck, “Why won’t you give poor Rupert the day off?”
“He is staying on full time. And he is my employee,” Emma said glaring at him.

“Do we fight after sex a lot?” Brody asked cocking his head to the side. Emma turned and gasped. “What’s wrong love, Clive bought the condoms, Rupert watched London, what do you think they thought was going on? So anyway do we? I mean you sounded like you enjoyed yourself and you tasted…”

In the third and final book of the Wrapped Series

Brody Hines laid on the cot in the eight by ten jail cell thinking about his next move. He had been through hell trying to keep his vow to Emma. He was dragged back to a world he had fled several years ago. A world that gave new meaning to the phrase “sex, drugs, and rock and roll.”

Brody’s desire to be the man he knew he could be for her. The one buried beneath his own armor. He fell in love with a beautiful woman, both inside and out. He could trust her fully, but his need to protect her innocence, one of the hundreds of reasons he loved her, only brought more pain, fear, and danger into her life.

He lay wondering what Emma could possible be thinking now that she knew his secret, the only one he still hid, buried in the third drawer.

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Burning Souls Series

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Wrapped Series

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~The Love series~

This video is basically for the love of all the hotties in the book

This one is Blue Love  

And another fan made
(That I just watched again and it made me cry)

~The Wrapped Series~

~Burning Souls~

Stained Book One

Forged Book Two

The words to the song Stained, were made into a song by Karl Knutson.

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