Friday, May 23, 2014

Review: Strings of the Heart by Katie Ashley

Twenty year old, Allison Slater has been in love with her brother’s bandmate, Rhys McGowan, since she was fifteen years old. But to him, she’ll always be Jake’s little sister and off limits. Now a college sophomore and licking her wounds from a bad breakup, she sets her sights on making Rhys see her as someone he could date…maybe even love. Her opportunity comes when Rhys visits his parents in Savannah where she is attending college. But the night she’s dreamed of turns to heart-break, and she realizes she’ll never be the one for Rhys.

For Rhys McGowan, his nightmare began when he woke up, naked and hung-over, next to his bandmate’s little sister. Unable to remember a thing from the previous night, he only makes matters worse by lying to Allison about not being interested in her. The truth is he’s spent the last year to ignore his body’s reaction whenever Allison is around. His resolve is tested when Allison comes on tour with Runaway Train, as both Jake and Abby’s nanny and to fulfill her fashion design internship. The more time he spends with her in the close quarters of the bus, the harder it is for him to resist.

Will Rhys realize that having a relationship with Allison is worth fighting for even if it means that he has to fight his best friend for a chance?

4 Smoldering Stars!
Review by Lisa Kane
Rhys McGowan is the bassist for Runaway Train and Allison Slater is Jake's little sister. Allison has had a crush on Rhys for as long as she can remember, and her sixteenth birthday sealed the deal for her when he gave her an innocent kiss and a necklace with a hand painted magnolia. Now she is twenty, in college and about to start an internship with her brother Jake's band in the wardrobe department. She has aspirations to be a fashion designer and she can't wait to start.
She is rethinking her decision to go to college so far from home. She is homesick, but determined to finish out this semester in Savannah. Nothing could surprise her more than a visit from Rhys, who is home visiting his parents. Rhys' parents are loaded, and stuck up snobs. He has little in common with them, and even fewer good memories with his family. Pushed off to attend boarding school, his parents are all about appearances and being in a rock band is not something that makes them proud. 
Allison is thrilled to see him, and the two spend lots of time in each other's company. Rhys is acutely aware of how grown up she is, and although he is attracted to her, he keeps reminding himself that she is Jake's little sister, and Jake would blow his lid if he found out the two of them were together.
Add in a hot bachelor auction, some poignant moments with Rhys' sister and a bottle of tequila and lines are crossed. But the next day brings regrets and recriminations and broken hearts. 
"Okay then, I'll put it all behind me. We'll go on like this never happened. If that's what you think is best." "I'm sorry, but I really do. It'll be fine in the end, you'll see. We'll be able to be friends just like nothing happened." She gave me a quick jerk of her head. "I'll just try not to think each and every time I see you that you're the man who didn't just break my heart-you shattered it."
A few months later, Allison is the nanny for Jules and Jax; Abby and Jakes' twins and is doing her internship and touring with the band. It is uncomfortable for the two of them. The sexual chemistry is so thick, but Rhys will not let himself cross the line again with Jake's sister..or can he? 

The Runaway Train series will keep the reader interested with it's steamy encounters, witty banter and the cast of characters that appear in each book. There were one or two moments that gave me pause, namely Rhys' encounter with the stripper, but for the most part, the story line was very sweet, slightly angsty and made for good reading. There are lots of personalities, especially the guys from Jacob's Ladder, just waiting to have their stories told, so I am hoping this series will run for a long while.
"I can't leave you right now because I need you too much. And I can't let you leave me."


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