Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Review: True Body Rock by Nora Flite

From USA Today Bestselling Author Nora Flite comes the final book in the Body Rock series:
He never wanted to look back:

I've always run from my past. It's what keeps me sane; whole.
But what if not facing it means losing the girl I love?

Telling her the truth must sound so simple.

It's a request that could leave me more broken--more hollow and wrecked--than ever before.

She never saw it coming:


Answers answers god damn answers.

How far do I have to go to find out what I need? To get to the bottom of the filth and finally find the real person waiting? The man behind those delicious green eyes and intoxicating lips?

If Drezden won't talk to me...
I'll find someone who will.

But why does it feel like they're the one who's been waiting for me?

4.5 Star Review by Jen Skewes

True Body Rock is the conclusion to Drezden and Lola’s story.  I have to say that  I am very sad to see it end.  I loved these two characters.  I loved the passion between them and the bond that they formed.  They were so perfect for each other.  Nora Flite has done an amazing job with their story and the final installment to this series.

In True Body Rock we finally get all the answers that we were looking for.  Drezden’s past has been a mystery.  We know that something from his past haunts him but we are not sure what.  In this installment we see the two of them fighting for their relationship.  Lola’s brother still isn’t 100% sold on his little sister dating the rock star.  He loves her and wants to protect her but he sort of goes about it the wrong way.  Trying to dig into Drez’s past and convincing Lola that there is a lot more to the guy that she is in love with than she knows. 

Lola loves Drez and when we first met the two of them we saw that Drez was somewhat of a weakness for her.  But I think she has grown stronger in the short time that they are together.  She wants and needs Drez to open up to her even if he doesn’t want to.  Her brother has been putting things in her head when it comes to Drez which forces her to confront him.  Opening up about his past is not easy for Drez.  The past is still something that he wants to ignore, but doing so could cause him to lose the woman he loves. 

In this final installment Drez and Lola learn the true meaning of trust and honesty.  Lola needs to trust Drez and not listen to those around her, while Drez needs to be honest with Lola.  But he also needs to confront his past head on in order to move on.  I love this series so much.  It has everything that you want in a book.   A person from the past wants to cause trouble between these two, which makes for some great drama and angst.  I love Drez and Lola and wanted them to get through it all and find their happily ever after.  Their love was passionate and intense.  This is certainly become one of my favorite rock star romances.  I am hoping that we see more of the supporting characters that we have come to love in this series.  A series that is definitely worth reading!! 

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