Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Review: Wingman (Woman) by Bella Jewel

All men have a wingman - it's the bro code.

I'd like to say I fit into that code - only I am missing a certain long, hard member that automatically allows me entrance.

That doesn't matter - because for him I'm the ultimate.

His wingman.

Well, in the grand scheme of things - his wing-woman.

Reign Braxton. Womaniser. Asshole. Douche of the century. Sexy as sin but as rule would have it - all sexy men have a problem.
Reign is still lusting after the one that got away.

Enter me. Wing woman of the century, make-ex-jealous extraordinaire.

It's my job.

Why do I do it, you ask? Simple - money.
Reign's obsession gives me a good lifestyle.

I am anything he wants me to be, all for a price of course.
But I go and do something incredibly stupid - I fall in love with my boss. My boss who is in love with his ex.

There are no prizes for second best.

4 Hotter than Hell Stars!

Review by Lisa Kane

Tiana "Tia" meets Reign Braxton (what a cool name!) in a bar while trolling for a pick up. She's looking to get laid not meet the love of her life. He is looking to get laid. He's the very rich, very gorgeous guy who owns a string of upscale clubs. The two start talking, each upping the snarky meter with each other, when he tells her what he wants. She looks around the bar, starts a very public, loud, convo about cheating on him, leaves, turns around and sees a hot blonde headed his way. Mission accomplished.

The next day he calls her, (she had handed him her business card and pretended it was his credit card she was giving him back during her "performance" last night. Seems he is in need of a new PA. His old one screwed his fiancĂ© and he understandably fired him (after kicking his ass). Selena was the love of his life and he had been with her for over 6 years. He is still reeling from the loss, but in hindsight, has come to realize that he is  partly to blame for her infidelity. (?) She was lonely, she made a mistake, he didn't give her the attention she deserved. Ultimately, she will come back to him.  In the meantime, he is looking for someone to do his books, (Tia is an accountant) and to find hookups for him (he is looking to get laid with no muss/no fuss). He also wants Tia to make appearances with him for public events. He knows this will burn Selena and make her realize he is moving on with his life and she had better make a move. And he is willing to pay Tia $5,000 a month to be at his beck and call. Since Tia works from home, she's open to it. She may think Reign is sex on legs, but she isn't going to let that stand in her way, she is immune to his charms.

Things move along quite nicely for a while. She is pretty much his pimp, gives a performance that ensures a gorgeous babe will fall into Reigns lap, takes care of his accounting needs and is fun to be around. They each have keys to the others homes, they feel free to walk in at any given moment, they are bossy with each other and even if they don't admit it, they are totally turned on by each other. Once the two of them are actually locked in a closet together, Reign makes a move on Tia, to see if she will give in to the lust between them. And does she give in! Things change between them and they indulge their desire whenever and wherever they want.

But Reign is still under the allusion that he loves Selena and wants her back. He tries to be honest with Tia, as much as he is turned on by her he still is working out his feelings for Slutena. (Tia's pet name for her) This guy goes back and forth between his feeling for the both of them. (but hasn't slept with Selena yet) Did I mention that Reign hired the bikers from the Sinners MC to do security for him? So we have Spike, Muff, Cade and Jackson in this story too...and their old ladies.

Things get down and dirty between Tia and Selena and the gloves are off. Some awful truths are uncovered, feelings are hurt and choices must be made. This is a quick, sexy read. Don't read too deeply into it, this is a fun, sexy read. I wanted to bitch slap Tia so many times for putting up with Reign and his flopping back and forth ways. But all's good in the end.


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  1. This book sounds fantastic moved it to the top of my TBR pile


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