Monday, July 7, 2014

Review: Flat Out Celeste by Jessica Park

Whether you were charmed by Celeste in Flat-Out Love or are meeting her for the first time, this book is a joyous celebration of differences, about battling private wars that rage in our heads and in our hearts, and—very much so— this is a story about first love.

For high-school senior Celeste Watkins, every day is a brutal test of bravery. And Celeste is scared. Alienated because she’s too smart, her speech too affected, her social skills too far outside the norm, she seems to have no choice but to retreat into isolation.

But college could set her free, right? If she can make it through this grueling senior year, then maybe. If she can just find that one person to throw her a lifeline, then maybe, just maybe.

Justin Milano, a college sophomore with his own set of quirks, could be that person to pull her from a world of solitude. To rescue her—that is, if she’ll let him.

Together, they may work. Together, they may save each other. And together they may also save another couple—two people Celeste knows are absolutely, positively flat-out in love.

4 Star Review by Jen Skewes

I love this series by Jessica park.  When we first met Celeste in Flat Out love she was a young girl who was dealing with the loss of her brother in an unusual sort of way. She is a quirky yet loveable character.

Celeste is now a senior in high school and trying to decide what college she wants to attend.  But she is also trying to deal with the fact that she is moving on to the next chapter in her life. Celeste has never had much of a social life.  She has no friends and no one has really understood her, except her brother Matty and family friend Julie.  Celeste wants a change and tries to figure out what she needs to do to become the new Celeste.  She begins doing things that are out of the ordinary for her and soon realizes that maybe this plan just isn't working.  She happens to meet Justin through email. Justin is currently in California attending Barton college and has been assigned the task of trying to persuade Celeste into applying to Barton next year.  It starts out with a simple email but leads to so much more.

Justine is odd and quirky in his own way.  He is a little clumsy and has a tendency to ramble on and on.  But you can't help love the guy.  He has this really amazing sweet side to him as well that you see throughout the book.   What first started as Justin trying to talk Celeste into at least looking into Barton College turned into a romance.  Celeste has suddenly found herself in this new place in her life which includes a boy and even some friends.  But there is still the fear that when Justin finds out some things about Celeste that he will run, unless she runs first

I really enjoyed this book. I love Celeste.  Yes she is a little unusual in ways but she is such a love able character.  Justin was fun and sweet and just the perfect match for Celeste. He understood her in ways and never judged her.   She never seemed unusual to him.  He saw what other people didn't see.  I just adored him. Together they fit like two perfect pieces to a puzzle.

I'm not usually one to fall for the geeky, nerdy guy but I fell in love with Matty and loved that we get to see more of him in this book.  He is such an amazing brother who has nothing but love for Celeste. He wants to protect her but at the same time just wants her to be happy.  There is a moment towards the end involving Matt that was just perfect and wonderful and I think I may have read it about 5 times.  

Celeste and Justin's story was fun, and sweet.  You will fall in love with them.  Another great job by Ms. Park.


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