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Blog Tour: Dethroning Crown by Lila Felix

Dethroning Crown

by Lila Felix
Release Date: October 10, 2014

Number ten is plastered on his team jersey and on his ego. In his own mind, Crown Sterling is the shit. He dates the prettiest women, he dominates on the soccer field, he pours money out of his pockets like it’s water. Until a debilitating knee injury puts him out of commission on and off the field. He’s sent to an isolated town in Louisiana to recoup, undergo physical therapy and heal. But it’s when you’re down that you find out who your real friends are, and what they value in you, if anything at all.

All Lyra wants out of life is peace and quiet. She grew up with a regular, everyday family. When she turned sixteen, rummaging through her grandmother’s hope chest in the attic, she discovered a secret that would turn her simple, normal life into a ball of chaos that revolved around her. But while she seems to face her fears head on in her career, she lives a life that’s secure and well hidden.
A new neighbor moved in next door and he’s decided that everyone needs to listen to his rap music, shattering Lyra’s quiet existence. Enraged, she stomps to the next townhouse over and who should open the door but a man whose good looks and charming smile knock her breathless.
How good looking? Just ask him.
How charming? He’ll tell you that too.
The king must be dethroned.
And a small town girl who’s been through hell is just the one to do it.

5 Star Review by Jen Skewes

I have read just about every one of Lila’s Felix’s books, with the exception of maybe a few.  She is one of my go to authors.  I love finding out that she has a new book coming out.  And I swear each one just gets better and better.  I feel like I have been waiting for Dethroing Crown for a while now, but the wait is finally over and it was well worth it.  This story is a little different that what we are used to from Lila.   For one the main hero is an arrogant ass, but one that I completely fell in love with.  We are also used to reading YA from 

Growing up it was just Crown Sterling and his father.  His mother passed away and he never had the chance to meet her.  All his life there is one thing that he knew and he knew it very well, soccer.  His father pushed him to be the best player he could be.  He worked him hard and it all paid off.  Crown Sterling is now one of the best soccer players around. He is also the most arrogant, cocky person on the planet who thinks that the world revolves around him.  But when an injury causes his career to be on hold, Crown Sterling is in for a big surprise.  He is sent away to Louisianna to stay with a family member while recovering.  There he meets Lyra, the only woman who isn’t falling at his feet, can rile him up like no one can, but also has this ability to make him feel.  Uh oh, deep down does Crown Sterling actually have a heart and feelings?  Not if he can help it.

Lyra is dealing with her own past.  She is still living in fear because of it.  She wants nothing more than peace and quiet and to be by herself.  That’s the way she likes it and she is content living her life that way. She has a plan and she intends to stick to it.  Until her noisy, obnoxious new neighbor comes into her life and completely disrupts it.  There is definitely an attraction where these two are concerned.  But the minute that Crown opens his mouth Lyra is completely turned off.  She is definitely the perfect match for him.  She knows how to handle him and doesn't fall at his feet like most girls seem to do.  But as she catches glimpses of him here and there she realizes that maybe there is more to him than most people think, and maybe more than Crown Sterling himself even knows.  But Lyra has a plan that does not include falling for Crown.  And no matter what he seems to be feeling,  soccer is still what is important to him and he will do anything to get back in the game and save his reputation.

Crown Sterling is a bit different than the male characters that we are used to from Lila.  I definitely loved him and at times he was completely swoon worthy.  But for the most part he thought he was the king and when he called people should run.  I have to admit I laughed at times because sometimes he just said things that just seemed so obnoxious that you had to laugh.    But I loved watching this character grow.  Once you really start to figure him out you begin to see that he is a good guy.  That the person he has been for all his life is all that he knew.  And in a way it wasn’t really a choice.  This is what he knew, this is the only way he knew how to be and he starts to slowly realize that life is a lot different outside of his little world.  And I think Lyra may have played a part in that.

Lyra was so awesome.  She knew how to handle him when he needed to be “handled”  but she also saw more to him than most people did.  She saw beneath the attitude, she helped him see the world differently. She helped him feel.  She was a strong girl and I admired her for that.  And she has such a great friend by her side who I loved.

One again Lila Felix has done an amzing job.  She has created characters that you will fall in love with.  She knows how to make you feel.  She nailed Crown’s character.  She portrayed the cocky side of him perfect where you hate him but you love him.  And as we slowly peeled the layers away and saw what was underneath, it makes you feel bad for him in a way.   I loved going through his journey of self discovery with him.  Because I honestly think that’s what it was. This is a story about finding one’s self, learning to become a better person and at the same time is about learning how to feel and a great love story in between.   The epilogue was perfect and so fitting to the story.  I wouldn’t have had it any other way.  Another amazing job by Lila Felix

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