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Blog Tour: Down and Out by Kelley R. Martin

“Tattooed package of sin.” 

That’s how Savannah Ryan would describe Declan Whitmore, the deliciously tatted and pierced fighter who holds the top spot in The Pit, Boston’s newest underground fighting organization. Declan is relentless when he sets his sights on someone, both in and out of the ring, and Savannah’s witty comebacks and tight little body have just landed her on his radar. 

There are a couple of teensy problems, though. Declan just happens to be Savannah’s new boss, which normally wouldn’t have stopped her from sleeping with him, but this recently reformed bad girl is trying to go straight after heading down a dangerous path. It’s too bad that Savannah’s new road to salvation doesn’t include pit stops for hard muscles, a beautiful face, and the prettiest damn pair of green eyes she’s ever seen.

Declan’s used to getting any girl he wants, but turning over a new leaf means too much to Savannah. She’s not going to make this easy for him. Her jaded exterior has kept people out and held her secrets in for as long as she can remember, and that’s exactly how she wants it to stay. But as Declan gets glimpses of the real girl inside, vulnerable and afraid, he makes it his mission to tear down those walls and free her. 

What if this tattooed package of sin is all the salvation she needs?

4.5 Fantastic Stars by Nicole Lorenzo

Savannah Ryan doesn’t believe in love. With her troubled past she refuses to waste time dreaming about happily ever after’s and other ideals. But as determined as she is to not let her past define her, Savannah still finds herself without a job and living in her car. When she walks into Whitmore and Son Gymnasium she is prepared to beg for a job. What she isn’t prepared for is the man she see’s fighting in the ring, who also happens to be the owner. Declan Whitmore is the epitome of sexy. He’s tall, gorgeous, covered in tattoos and an underground fighter. The look in his eye lets Savannah know that they definitely share a mutual attraction toward one another, but she doesn’t plan on crossing that line with Declan. Not only is he her new boss, but Savannah doesn’t do relationships or believe in them.

I want to go to college. I want to make something of myself. And this tattooed package of sin standing before me is one distraction I cannot afford, no matter how tempting he might be.”

Declan Whitmore is knocked on his ass when Savannah walks into his gym looking for a job. He doesn’t know what it is about her but he immediately wants to help her, so he gives her a job and a place to stay. Savannah isn’t like the girls he is usually into. Maybe it’s her cynical take on love and relationships, or her sassy mouth, whatever it is he wants to get to know her more and Savannah wants no part of it. Declan can tell she’s haunted by the shadows of her past, and he genuinely wants to help and protect her whether she likes it or not. 

“I don’t know what you’re running from, but you’re safe here. You’re safe with me.”

Savannah sticks to her guns for 72 hours before she gives into Declan and finds herself in a no strings attached agreement with him. But she knows this is dangerous territory. She has held her walls up for too long to let them down now for a guy like Declan. But Declan has other ideas, and the more he pushes the more Savannah resists. She knows it’s only a matter of time before she is in danger of losing her heart for the first time ever.
“This thing with Declan, whatever it is, won’t end well. I know that, and yet part of me just wants to sit back and enjoy the ride down until its inevitable, fiery crash landing. Because that ride – oh, God, that ride will be so sweet and almost worth the pain.
Declan is determined to break down the walls surrounding Savannahs heart. Much to his surprise he has found himself in love with Savannah and it is very clear that she doesn’t reciprocate those feelings.

“She’s got me completely wrapped around her beautiful, indifferent finger and she knows it. She doesn’t fu*king care.”

Even knowing that Savannah doesn’t feel the same way he does, he is willing to take whatever he can get from her just to have her close to him. When Savannah is pulled into Declan’s world of underground fighting he is set on keeping her as far away from it as possible. The outcome leaves Declan and Savannah at odds and any chances of them having a relationship hanging in the balance.

“It doesn’t matter how many miles you put between us or how much time passes. I’ll never not think of you as mine.”

I absolutely loved this book. I actually was surprised by how much I really loved this book! Tattoos are not the only thing this big bad fighter wears on his sleeves. Underneath the bad boy exterior is a mushy, gooey, sexy man you will surely swoon over. His love for Savannah makes him that much more sexy.  Savannah on the other hand has had a hard past. She keeps her heart guarded and tries to resist Declan for as long as possible, before finally succumbing to his charm. I loved their connection and the witty banter between them. The other characters were enjoyable as well and I’m hoping there will be more books to continue the story. Down and Out is a story about pain, trust, lust, fighting and ultimately love.

“What are you doing?”
“I’m getting your stuff. You’re staying with me.” He says it without pausing, without even looking at me.
I make a surprised choking/laughing sound in the back of my throat and say, “No, I am most certainly not staying with you.” I’m fully grown and have been taking care of myself since I can remember. I don’t need Declan or his handouts. 
Well, except for the job. I need the job.
He sets a laundry basket on the pavement and glances at me. “It’s either that or you make room for me in your car. Your choice.”
My mouth opens, but nothing comes out at first. I think I’m struck stupid. “Why are you doing this?”
He glares at me. “Why am I refusing to leave an attractive girl alone in her car overnight? Gee, I don’t know. I must be some kind of asshole.”
Anger flares in me, and I’m thankful for the familiar emotion. Declan’s got me all mixed up, and I don’t like it. “Point made, asshole, but I’m not some stray cat you can just take in.” 
A smile flirts with his lips as he nods to my pile of stuff. “Get your things, Kitten.”

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