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Review Tour: Unbroken by RE Hunter

Title:  Unbroken (Disclosure Series Book #2)
Author:  R.E. Hunter
Genre:   Contemporary Romance
Release Day:  November 6, 2014

She was running toward her future. He was running from his past. When their worlds collided, nothing could prepare them for what was to come.
Reeling from Luke’s betrayal, Embry Jacobs is lost and looking for answers. His lies have ripped them apart, forcing her to question everything she thought she knew about the man she loves. But to give Luke another chance, she’ll have to forgive his lies and risk her already fragile heart.
Luke Brody’s past has finally caught up to him — in more ways than one. After losing the only woman he’s ever loved, he’ll do anything to get her back. But when he finally has the chance to make things right, unforeseen circumstances threaten to tear them apart once more.
When the truth comes out, will it set them free or break them both?

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3.5 Star Review by Jennifer Hagen

This is book 2 in the series, and it is recommended that you proceed with this review only if you have completed the first book “Undone.” 

Luke and Embry are at a crossroads following the realization that he was her professor and by the sudden forthcoming that he had dated a student before he came to New York.   Embry wants to forgive him, but the fact of the matter is that he didn’t tell her the truth and that in itself is a lie by omission.  How will she ever be able to trust him again?  Not one deceit, but two  -- that would be pretty difficult to forgive.  Embry has spent this last week trying to forget Luke and numb the pain by drinking and partying with her close friend Jeremy.  Jeremy is okay with being the shoulder to cry on, because he secretly harbors feelings of more than friendship for Embry.

 Luke also is miserable, but he is numbing the pain with his bottle of Johnnie Walker at home.  How would he feel to know that Embry is begging Jeremy to make her forget?  I have always liked Luke.  He is strong and determined, but yet still can be brought to his knees with the painful memories of Embry driving away from him with Jeremy at her side.  He wants nothing more than to have another chance with Embry.  He has been willing to give her space to think this through, but he still needs to fight for her.

“I’ll try harder, give you everything.  I’ll spend every day for the rest of my life making it up to you, showing you that you didn’t make a mistake by giving me another chance.  But if you don’t believe that, if you can’t let go and trust that I won’t hurt you again, then there’s nothing more I can do.”

There’s several obstacles in their path to happiness…One being ex-boyfriend Jack and the other is Sydney has arrived in town.  Sydney is the student that Luke had a one-night stand with prior to his move to New York.  Sydney is not content to stand by and watch Luke grasp onto his happiness with Embry.

“I want what’s hers.”

Let’s see -- we have Sydney…Jack…Jeremy.   All of them are wanting to see Embry and Luke fail in their relationship.  They all hold a stake in the potential for demise.  But maybe Embry and Luke are stronger now than they were 4 months ago and they can handle whatever is thrown at them.  But just when things are going well, Luke throws his own hat into the ring of demise.

Had those words just come out of his mouth?  Her mind spun in every direction trying to make sense of what was going on.    

The story is told in second-person dual point of view and that is always a treat for me to hear the male perspective and be part of his thought process.  As much as I enjoyed the first book, I found myself not being able to connect with this story.  The writing was excellent, but I just felt like the storyline was too predictable. 

Embry let out a soft moan as she snuggled into the warmth of the strong arms around her. She was exactly where she wanted to be. And for the first time in almost a week, she felt content, happy…except for the slight pounding in her skull. She cracked her eyes open, peeking out from beneath her lashes, only to slam them shut again when the sunlight assaulted her too-sensitive vision. Ouch. Laying in bed for a few minutes longer, she waited for the hazy fog to lift from her brain and her eyes to adjust to the bright light of day.
The arms around her tightened and their owner let out a low, sleepy groan. At the sound, Embry stiffened and her eyes popped open. Suddenly, the sweet warmth of his body was a searing fire burning her bare skin and sending her into a panic. Slowly dragging herself from his embrace, she sat up in the bed. Her gaze traveled the room, taking in her surroundings before looking down at herself and realizing her clothes were missing, save barely there bra and panties. Taking a deep breath, she bolstered her resolve and glanced over her shoulder. The man asleep next to her was on his back, arm thrown over his head, his hard-lined chest and abs on display.

Embry’s stomach dropped violently and tears began to fall freely from her eyes. Oh no. No, no, no.

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