Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Review: Chasing Jenna by Micki Fredricks

Twenty year old Jenna Clausen has one chance to change her life… and she's going to take it.

Leaving the darkness of her life two hundred miles behind her, Jenna arrives at the one place that could save her…college. Pushing her fears aside while gathering all of her courage, she steps out into her new life, and right into the sights of Cale Davis.

Cale is part of the most elite house on campus simply called, The Brotherhood. It’s an exclusive house with one rule for membership, either you are born into The Brotherhood or you’re not. Cale makes it a priority to get what he wants…and he wants Jenna. He sets a plan into motion to make Jenna his.
There is however, one flaw to Cale’s plan, Ryan Kitson. Also a fellow Brother in the House, he is a Cale-approved study partner for Jenna. But when her feelings for Ryan start to grow, Jenna has another decision to make….one she couldn't possibly have understood the dangers of.

She suddenly finds herself engulfed by a lifestyle so dark and twisted she can’t find a way out. On the run and unsure who to trust, she spirals deeper and deeper into her nightmare. Jenna struggles to put all the pieces together until it finally becomes clear… The decision she made to save her life, might actually be the one that ends it.

**This book is a Romantic Suspense for mature audiences, 18+ due to dark topics with references to both sexual and violent situations.**

4 Stars

Review by Allison East 

This was my first book by Micki Fredricks, and I really enjoyed it. 

Jenna, the heroine, needed to move on from her old life and start a new beginning for herself at college. But after getting there, her life turns into something crazy and even more complicated than before! She meets Cale Davis.

Cale is a part of an elite house on campus called The Brotherhood. Cale is the poster boy prep. Cale gets what he wants and he wants Jenna. Cale has a master plan, but what he didn't plan on was Ryan Kitson. Ryan is the opposite of Cale. He is more of the bad boy type of guy. He becomes Jenna's study partner and then it escalates from there. 

I had no idea which way this book was going to go. If I had all the time in the world, I would just sit and read- and that's what I wanted to do with this book. I wanted to make sure that all the characters turned out ok. 

The premise was super original, it definitely had that going for it. It was well edited, the plot was well thought out, and the characters well developed. This is a romantic suspense novel so I was on the edge of my seat from the very beginning! 

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