Monday, December 22, 2014

Review: Natural Love by S. Celi

My whole life, I wanted one thing: to be the perfect son.

Growing up, I did everything my father required. Straight A’s in school. Perfect manners. I forced myself to live up to his standards--standards that pushed the Chadwick family name to the highest rungs of society.

Over the years, we climbed so high that my father hoped we’d never fall.

If only he’d been right. With each successful year, the Chadwick family skeletons grew bolder and darker. Every lie threatened to undo us.

The secret Avery Jackson and I shared was the worst one of all.

She was the one person I shouldn’t love--the one person I couldn’t love. But I did. I loved Avery Jackson. I wanted her, even though a romance with her threatened everything.

It all felt so natural.

And that was exactly the problem.

3.5 Stars

Review by Jen Hagen

One of my favorite genre of books is the taboo love story.  In this book we have an illicit affair between Spencer and Avery whom are step siblings.  The story is told solely through Spencer’s words.

Spencer is 24 years old and has just returned from a 2-year stint in the Peace Corps, of which his father used his money, power, and resources to enable Spencer a spot.  This was done as a means to curb Spencer’s unruly behavior which stemmed from alcohol indulgence.  Spencer is back on US soil ready to claim his position in the Chadwick empire.  Spencer’s father is extremely wealthy, but Spencer is the black sheep of the family never having any acceptance by his father.  Spencer is determined to show his father that he is knowledgeable and capable of being part of the Chadwick business.  Spencer is thought to be fully free of the hold alcohol has had on him, but he is still fully (and secretly) indulgent on it. 

Avery is younger than Spencer and has a secret that she has been keeping under wraps for 3 years.  Only Spencer knows what haunts her.

My thoughts flickered to three years earlier and the largest secret both of us carried, the one that drove me to my “drinking problem.”

Another secret Avery is holding back is her attraction to Spencer.  Spencer also is fighting his attraction to Avery.  It seems to me that there is enough sexual chemistry between these 2 to blow the roof off.

“I want you,” she said.  “That’s what I want.  I want to be with you.”

Now that their attraction is out in the open, what will Spencer do?  Will he act upon his own desires?

Avery Jackson would ruin me.  I knew it.  And I didn’t care.

Spencer and Avery have a difficult road ahead of them if they want to embrace their mutual love for one another.   Even if they have their parent’s blessing, life’s demons may overpower any chance at happiness.

Then a blistering, loud, guttural scream filled the house…The kind of sound that tells you that everything from here on out will be vastly different.

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