Thursday, December 18, 2014

Review: Rising (Blue PhoenixBook 4) by Lisa Swallow

"Our demons don't want to play but they sure as hell recognise each other"

Three attempts at staying clean after rehab and Jem Jones, Blue Phoenix guitarist, is determined this time he’ll succeed. Haunted by his recent past, Jem throws himself into the one addiction he still has left: his music. With Blue Phoenix on a break, he looks elsewhere for a place to channel his creativity and discovers up-and-coming band Ruby Riot.

For lead singer, Ruby, breaking into the music scene could break the cycle of abuse that’s controlled her life since she was a child. Finding release through music, the growing success of the band has set Ruby on the path to regaining her identity and self-esteem.

Ruby Riot brings Jem and Ruby together but they recognise they have more in common than their passion for music. Can this understanding of each other break down the carefully constructed barriers they’re trapped behind? Or is loving somebody too big a risk to take?

When Jem’s past slams into his present, he has to face the reality behind what made him the man he is and why he hurts the people he wants to love.

And as Ruby reaches out to help Jem, she discovers trying to fix somebody comes with the risk of getting cut by one of their shattered pieces.

Rising is the fourth book in the Blue Phoenix series. It can be read as a standalone but contains minor spoilers for the other books in the series.

Trigger warning: scenes of domestic violence.

4 Stars! 

Review by Allison East 

Holy hell a book about JEM! He is the crazy member of Blue Pheonix, and I couldn't wait to get to know more about him from reading about him in the first three books!

I feel like this book was all about second chances, it's Jem we are talking about here. And while he is super crazy and downright grimy- he still has emotions too. And I definitely was excited to see which direction his story was going to take. 

Jem is the lead guitarist for Blue Phoenix, and he has a crazy past that he is trying to get over- and get his focus solely on music, the thing he lives for. I mean we all know that Jem is the crazy one, the dirty talker, the guy you love to hate, and possibly hate to love. He definitely showed a little of his lovey dovey romantic side which was a nice change of pace, from the somewhat man-whore he typically likes to portray. 

Ruby is the lead singer of Ruby Riot- and wouldn't you know it, she has an insane past and also has demons she is trying to get over. She puts up a front and hides her emotions well. I really liked her though- she was strong and had a backbone when she needed it most.

And when the two of them got together- it was like a match made in heaven! But heaven isn't so easily reached- not when you are these two. So there were some wild twists and turns I didn't see coming, but that's what makes this story more intriguing. They are totally both courageous and overcome huge obstacles, and I'm glad we got to get inside their heads.

"To me, you're Jem and not the Jem Jones they say you are. This Jem is a good guy. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. They don't know you."

I love that line! It's one of my favorite from the entire series- seriously. And the first two- Summer Sky and Falling Sky are the ones I usually quote from, but this line is just special. Lisa Swallow is a fantastic author who always takes me on an unpredictable journey. 

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