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Blog Tour: Need Us by Amanda Heath

Title: Need Us
Series: Make or Break #4
Author: Amanda Heath
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 5, 2014
They made us.
They broke us.
Now they'll save us.

Need Us the final book in the Make or Break series. Featuring Royal, Channing and Rachel's POVs.

4.5 Stellar Stars by Lisa Kane

I don’t know what it is about Amanda Heath’s Make or Break series that is so addictive for me
but I loved it! Of the three couples; Channing and Paisley, Wesley and Royal and
Rachel and Pierce, Channing and Paisley own my heart. At the end of each of their stories,
they were in a good place. Pierce and Rachel had a son, Asher, and are married. And the other two couples were in college, but very much together. Fast forward 5 years later and there are some big

Rachel did a stupid thing and as a result her relationship with Pierce (Court) is a mess. She blames herself and can’t understand why she let things happen that would destroy her
marriage. But there is more to this situation, ghosts from years ago that have never been laid to rest.

"I did this to my family and now I have to live with myself." I climb off the couch and look down at her. "Do you think you could ever forgive me? I know Court never will. I just hope this doesn't scar Asher too much."

Wesley and Royal are about to walk down the aisle. Of the three couples, they are the most stable and settled. They are united and are finally getting their big day. Although Trey was her first love, she is at peace with his death and Royal  has always respected his importance in their lives.

I know Wesley loves me and I know she loved Trey. He passed way too early and that scars anyone involved. I've been asked if it makes me jealous and the truth is I could never be jealous of him. Wesley loves deeply and she wouldn't be Wesley if she didn't mourn the loss of Trey. I wouldn't take her any other way. Her ghosts make her who she is now.

But my beloved Channing and Paisley-they broke up a year ago and have no communication. Paisley tore Channing’s heart right out of his chest (we don’t find out why until many chapters into the story) and he can’t and won’t forgive her. Not that she has asked him for forgiveness. She moved out of town with her little sister Bee Bee. She left a wake of destruction in her path and is hated by pretty much everyone. However, she is in Wesley’s wedding party and Channing is a nervous wreck about seeing her again.

I want to crawl inside of myself and implode. My other half was ripped away from me. I feel like I was holding on to her so hard but it wasn't enough. She just gently too her arm out of my hold and walked away. She didn't even look back. Fucking bitch.

So instead of cherished friends filled with over the top happiness for the impending nuptials, we have chaos. The guys are planning revenge on the one who caused Rachel so much sadness and self loathing. Finally, they all realized the truth about why things happened, but Rachel still
can’t forgive herself.

The wedding brings joy for Wesley and Royal, a little bit of calm for Rachel and Pierce and a reunion of sorts for Channing and Paisley. (even if it’s just one of the flesh) But the weeks
following are going to be fruitful ones for all of them.

Last night shouldn't have happened. That's what she does to me, makes me forget all the shit that happened between us. I know we'll always be drawn together, that's what happens when you love someone with all your heart. No matter what she's done to me, I know she loved me once, with all her heart.

They all have a common bond at the end of the book, and while it may be a little cheesy, I like a little cheese with my crackers, so it worked for me. Of course, out of all of them, Channing sabatoges his own happiness, and still can’t move on past Paisley’s actions from a year ago. It takes quite a few kicks in his ass from everyone around him (I only wish I could have throat punched him myself!)
telling him it’s time to admit that neither one of them is happy without the other, and they are never going to find anyone else who can give them what they get from each other.

I loved the ending of this series. And talk about epilogues! This one leant itself to new stories with new generations to provide us more angst and drama. And if Ms. Heath writes them, I’ll be ready with my trusty Kindle ready for downloading!


Three Chicks:  Wesley and Royal, out of the 3 main couples, the two of you have had the least drama and craziness. Why do you think that is?  

Wes: I think it's because I lost the closet person to me and I lost myself for a time. What I went thru was a lot harder and soul wrenching then what everyone else went thru.

Royal: I agree with my Duchess. I had a lot to help Wes thru and it wasn't easy on either of us. But also the two of us are far less dramatic then my sister and friends.

Three Chicks:  Paisley, what was the year like that you and Channing were apart, what were you up to? Did you try and date anyone else for get over him?

Paisley: I didn't try to date anyone. I never even thought about it. When I left Channing I was only thinking of myself and I didn't realize I would hurt just as much as him. I spent that year thinking about him and wishing I had the strength to go to him. 

Three Chicks:  Paisley, if Royal and Wesley's wedding hadn't brought you back into Channing's life again, what would you have done? Would you have come up with something else, or left things alone? 

Paisley: I would have come up with something else. By the time the wedding came around I was already scheming. I couldn't go another minute without seeing him.

Three Chicks:  Channing, as much as Paisley hurt you, would you have eventually sorted things out between the two of you? If fate didn't step in and give you both the permanent bond it did, would you have just let Paisley go back to her old life without you? 

Channing: I used to think I wouldn't ever forgive her but I was lying to myself. Yeah what she did hurt but I knew going in she had those insecurities and in the end I didn't prepare either of us for them. Though if she truly didn't want me, I would have let her go. It would have killed me, but I would have done it.

Three Chicks:  Rachel and Pierce, you are probably the couple that had the most going against you-and yet in spite of all the obstacles you seem to have a great relationship. What do you think that is? 

Pierce: what happened with my brother was out of Rachel's control. Besides we both know that what we have is true and we wouldn't be happy without the other. I love her and Asher more than anything.

Rachel: even while I was being dumb and blaming myself I still only wanted what's best for Court. I always want what's best for him and vice verses. We've had the strongest connection since we created Asher, nothing can break it. Nothing.

Three Chicks:  Question for all three couples: What is your favorite all time memory of your partner? What's the secret to for your long lasting relationships? 

Paisley: My favorite memory will always be when Channing slid down the hallway. I think that opened a lot of doors for our relationship. That's what keeps us connected. We'd never opened up for anyone before we did for each other.

Channing: the thing that always stands out in my memories is when Paisley told me to make her fall. Even though she was scared, she still found the courage to tell me how it is. I may forget it sometimes but I just have to make her remember how much we love each other.

Wes: I always cherish the time Royal talk to Trey. It's what I love the most about him. He's got the most consideration for everyone, no matter who they are.

Royal: the time Wes snuck me into her house and slept beside me for the first time. Waking up next to her, I knew I was in love with her. And I've never looked back.

Pierce: I don't have one favorite memory but I will say I still get happy and humbled when I think about Rachel round with Asher. She'd carry any weight for me and I for her.

Rachel: hands down, the first time I saw Court holding Asher. I knew then I would never love anyone else like that. He was it for me.

Three Chicks:  BeeBee, so tell us about you and Asher? How the heck did that happen? 

BeeBee:  We grew up together. We were best friends, then we were lovers. Much to the displeasure of my sister and Asher's parents. It was always there, the love I have for him. I've never even considered anyone else.

Three Chicks:  Annabelle, you seem very happy with Sage and your daughter (Love that you named her after Wesley!) did you ever make peace with your old group of friends? 

Annabelle:  No and I never will. I may regret the things I've done, I won't grovel. And it's not like any of them will ever forgive me.

Three Chicks:  Donavan, do you have any contact with your family and friends? Did you ever get your HEA?

Donavan: I've found peace in my life. I wouldn't say I'm truly happy and I probably never will. And I still talk to my mom and Ashley on occasion. Though I'm not close to Ashley anymore.

I think I’ve had two glasses of champagne and three whiskey sours. I’m working on my fourth. I’ll need a lot more before this night is over considering the bane of my existence is here and she won’t stop looking at me.
When I first met her, I used to stare at her all the time. I didn’t understand what was wrong with me. I felt like a fucking stalker and I knew I was on the verge of being just that. I had wanted her and I fought that so hard. I used to move through the hallways at school like a shadow and watch as she left her class. She was so introverted at that point she didn’t even notice. Hell, I think she’s still introverted. I don’t think she could ever change that. She doesn’t like attention so she pretends it’s not there. She got so good at pretending, she really didn’t notice anything.
I feel like the stalked now. Her eyes follow me everywhere I go. Talking to Pierce about Donovan. Dancing with Rachel. Sitting in the corner playing a game with Asher. Every time I go to the bar her eyes are on me. No one says anything about it, but they all know. Rachel has that look in her eyes, the one that means she’s about to go off on someone. She’s pissed off on my behalf and I don’t have the heart to tell her I can handle the bitch.
I’m the only person who could ever handle her.
After three hours of her staring at me, I decide I can’t handle it anymore. I throw back the rest of my whiskey and I stalk towards her. She looks surprised when I grab her arm and yank her towards the back of the room. Then I lead her out into the empty hall.
She leans against one side and I lean against the opposite side. Then we just stare at each other. It’s been a little over a year and I can’t think of what to say to her. It’s like we know each other but we don’t. It makes me think of when we first met. I didn’t know what to say to her then either.
“Why did you bring me out here?” she asks, crossing her arms over her chest. Not because she’s mad, no, she’s turned on. She doesn’t like for people to notice her pebbled nipples. In a few more seconds she’ll tighten her thighs and she’ll be thinking about getting a new pair of panties.
I shrug my shoulders. That’s when I see the anger twinkle in her eyes. Now she’s thinking of hitting me while I watch her tighten her thighs. We are creatures of habit. This is habit for us if nothing else. Fighting, getting angry and then finding somewhere to fuck because that’s what we do. Even when we were unbelievably happy that’s what we did.
I hate how much I miss her.
“You know, if you want to talk, then you have to speak. I know you. There’s always something you want to say.” She uncrosses her arms and I feel it straight to my groin because her nipples are hard. They strain against her dress and I want to pull the fabric down and suck one of the pink pretties into my mouth.
I shrug again. She wouldn’t talk to me a year ago, wouldn’t explain why she left. There’s no reason why I should talk to her now. I want to torture her for some reason. The thing about that though is I’m torturing myself just by being in her presence.
The tension pings against the walls around us. It’s in the air and you can actually feel it, it’s pulling us together. It has always bound us together. What we felt for each other was more than love. We are and will always be soul mates. She and I are one and it kills me inside. When I just needed her to love me, talk to me, she couldn’t do it. I don’t trust her and I hate her while I’m more in love with her than I’ve ever been before.
It’s probably all the alcohol or maybe it’s just her, but I cross the hallway and I get in her space. I look down to watch her clench her fists against the wall. We don’t touch but our eyes lock and this feels all too familiar.

I live in southern Arkansas with my husband and young daughter. There is also an insane Boston Terrier running around. I've always been a lone wolf and find my friends in books. I started writing at a young age and I haven't stopped since. Most days you can find me either glued to my laptop or my kindle. My first novel, This Beautiful Thing was an Amazon best seller for 11 weeks and a year later I'm still tickled to see people enjoy it. I may not be a huge seller but I have the best fans ever and I thank God everyday for every single one of them.


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