Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Review: Strictly Temporary by Ella Fox

Just a Small Towne girl…

Raised on fairytales and dreams of true love, Arden Winger left for college with a smile on her face and a happy, hopeful heart. Fast-forward seven years and that small town is behind her, but not the baggage she’s been carrying since she left.

Just a city boy…

It’s not that Exton Alexander had anything against relationships—he just never had the desire to try. Not necessarily jaded, Exton considered himself a realist. Little did he know, the one woman that would change everything was about to rock his world. This Alpha male knows the second he lays eyes on her that Arden is special-- now he just has to work past her defenses.

Strictly Temporary is Volume One. Volume Two will arrive in February. Arden & Exton's story will be resolved in book two- but the temporary series will continue after that with different characters.

4 Small Town Big Stars!

Review by Lisa Kane

This is the first installment of a new series from Ella Fox. Arden Winger works for Sabrina and Dante Hart (A bonus for lovers of the Hart Family series!). In the course of business she is acquainted with Exton Alexander a gorgeous, wealthy manwhore. Arden steers clear of relationships and men. She was ridiculed growing up in Small Towne ( I kid you not, that is the name of the town) Her mom fell for the charms of a real creep who cut out and ran when she got pregnant. The town took its prejudices out on her and made her life miserable.

When she graduated high school, she went to Bronson, a town not too far from Small Towne for college. Ricky Greenway, the guy she crushed on in high school instigated his way into her life. Arden had her guard up, but he broke down her defenses and she let him in. And let him into her life and her heart in a big way-she married him. What happened next is the stuff nightmares are made of and I have to confess, it seemed far fetched and the motivations behind it seemed too petty for someone to go that far. Arden will not allow herself to lower her guard again.

My body ached in places it never had before, my head was swimming, my stomach was churning and never in my entire life had I felt so stupid. 

But Exton relentlessly pursues her until she convinces herself that a date doesn't mean anything. She can enjoy his company but her heart will remain encased in ice. Well things don't exactly turn out that way and these two can barely keep their hands off of each other. Exton is a good guy, and wants Arden because he feels things for her that he never felt for other women, even if she doesn't trust him or his motives.

As they grow closer and Arden is finally ready to let go of her mistrust, a hurtful, devastating ghost from her past is going to come back to haunt her. She panics and runs. Why, when her heart is opening up to Exton, must her life fall apart again? Talk about cliffys! Looking forward to the next installment in this series.  

He doesn't want to deal with this-and I don't want him to have to tell  me that to my face. 


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