Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Review: By Any Other Name by JM Darhower

A deadly rivalry.
Two families at war.
Nobody is safe, not even the innocent.
Especially the innocent.
Blood will be spilled.

Genevieve "Genna" Galante knows a thing or two about causing trouble. After all, it's engrained in her DNA. As the only daughter of Primo Galante, notorious boss of the Galante crime family, her life is dictated by a certain set of rules… rules Genna was never very good at following.

Matteo "Matty" Barsanti never wanted anything to do with the family business, but as the first-born Barsanti son, certain things are expected of him. It's his duty, according to his father, to help take down the enemy... even if that enemy means something to him.

A chance encounter on an elevator changes the course of lives, causing the biggest trouble of Genna's young life. The only good Barsanti is a dead Barsanti. She's heard it said time and time again. So what happens when she falls in love with one of them?

The story of star-crossed lovers caught in the middle of the biggest rivalry New York has ever seen, determined to make it… if only they can survive their parents' feud.

5 Amazing Stars!

Review by Lisa Kane 

Many years ago the Galante and Barsanti families were best friends. Matteo "Matty" Barsanti and Joey Galante were inseparable. That is until Joey died in a car bombing. A bombing ordered by Roberto Barsanti against Primo Galante's family. Genevieve "Genna" Galante and her brother Dante survived that bombing. But Dante bore the physical scars and the whole family the mental scars and never recovered. From that day to the present the families are sworn enemies.

"An eye for an eye...a tooth for a tooth...a hand for a hand...a foot for a foot..."
A son for a son. 
 Neither Primo nor Roberto will be satisfied until every relative is dead. 
"Business?" She glared at her father. "This isnt' just business, Dad. This is personal and you know it! A boy is dead, and why? For what?"
"Because he's one of them," Primo growled. "and if this works out like it's supposed to, they'll all end up that way. I won't be satisfied until every single drop of Barsanti blood is spilled."

Genna Galante craves adventure. She is frustrated by her father and brother's over protective smothering of her and she strikes out every chance she gets. Busted for stealing a car with her boyfriend, she's in court being sentenced to a lengthy community service punishment and the loss of her driver's license. When she leaves the courtroom, she bumps into a gorgeous god like Adonis and can't help but stare. The two enter the elevator together, checking each other out. But the elevator gets stuck between floors and they are trapped for over an hour. Just the two of them. In a small confined space. This gives them ample time to get acquainted and it's obvious that each of them is enjoying the view.

This guy...no, this God...had been zapped straight off the pages of GQ and transplanted right here in her elevator.
Thank you, Jesus, Joseph and motherfucking Mary. 

When the elevator is fixed neither wants to leave. So Matty asks Genna to get something to eat with him. The two end up having steamy, sweaty, to die for sex at The Place, a club that Matty takes Genna to-his apartment is above it.

She could do nothing but take what he gave her, accepting all of him eagerly, her nails scratching his skin as she held on for dear life. He drover her to the edge, violently shoving her off of it as his name resounded from her lips, a barely contained scream that fractured as it escaped her throat. Matty. 

Genna is nervous, her family stays on one part of Soho and Manhattan and the Barsanti's are across that line. It is an unwritten rule, but one that if broken can get you killed. Matty programs his number into Genna's phone and reluctantly puts her in a cab.

Neither can get the other out of their mind, so imagine how surprised they are when they are both on the same street , Mulberry in Little Italy with their siblings and spot each other. Enzo, Matty's brother points out that there is Medusa, The Ice Princess, as Genna is called. Dante, Genna's brother can't  believe that the infamous Matty is back in town, driving his gorgeous red Lotus Evora. Both are horrified as they realize that they are sworn enemies.

No. No. God, please, no. He couldn't be, could he? She would know, wouldn't she?
And taking in his appearance, the way he blinked rapidly, shoulders tensing, eyes widening with disbelief, she knew...this was the face of a man who had just been knocked on his ass as hard as she had been a moment ago. 

But Matty finds out where Genna is doing her community service and he can't stay away from her. This starts a series of encounters, which lead to hearts exchanged and broken. Their forbidden romance can get them and their families killed. But neither is willing or able to stop seeing one another.

"But who's going to protect you?" she asked. Who's going to keep you safe?"
"You stepped in front of me when I had a loaded gun pointed at my chest," he said. "I think I'll be just fine."

Knowing that the odds are against them, that once their families find out they are together it may end for one of both of them, they refuse to give each other up.

"You're right that we shouldn't. But I won't agree that we can't. We can and I want to. I want to, because I want you, and I'm tired of not having you. I'm tired of staying away from you, of avoiding you. You're the last person I want to avoid."

I loved this book! Seriously, JM Darhower can write mob romances! My heart was in my throat and I was rooting so much for these two star crossed Romeo and Juliet's. We all know how that ended. Would this be the same?

"These fools Cara and I married  chose power over friendship," Savina said bluntly. "They chose money, and notoriety...instead of choosing each other, like they should have. "

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