Friday, February 20, 2015

Review ~ Clear: A Death Tripper's Novel by Jessica Park

Stella Ford’s grasp on reality is already loose, and it’s about to come undone.

When the college junior flees Chicago and leaves her toxic family behind, she heads for coastal Maine to find the one person who brought her peace years ago: Sam Bishop. But the Sam she once knew now has painful secrets.

Stella is determined to heal them both. Healing, however, is a challenge when the walls of her everyday existence collapse. And when Sam’s best friend is his worst enemy.

When the line between life and death blurs.

When an end is just a beginning.

When lust and rage rule.

Yet during extraordinary chaos, there can be extraordinary love, even if that love comes with a twist.

Welcome to death tripping.

A thriller, a paranormal, and a passionate romance, CLEAR crosses genres and breaks boundaries.

5 clear as day stars!!!!!

Review by Nicole Lorenzo

“When boundaries fall and truths come out, it can bring closeness that is unshakeable.”

I want to start by saying that Jessica Park is one of my favorite authors. I fell upon Flat Out Love years ago and devoured it as fast as I could. When Left Drowning was released I was eager to read it as well. That book blew me away and remains in my top favorite reads of all time. So when I heard about Clear I was beyond excited to dive in and see if it was possible that she could create something else just as good, just as unique. And oh did she do that, and so, so much more!

This review will be slightly different from the way I usually do them. I can’t possibly write about this storyline without giving anything away, and believe me you definitely don’t want me ruin anything for you. The thrilling mystery of it all is the best part. Not knowing where it’s going, what the outcome will be and the desperate need for answers. Clear is truly one of the most unique books I have read in long time. And the journey from the beginning to the end is quite a ride.  Paranormal was my first love, but after reading new adult and romance for so long I haven’t really read a good paranormal book in quite a while. That is another reason why this book is so fabulous. It does an amazing job of combining genres. I had everything I love in one marvelously written package. Paranormal? Check. Romance? Check. Suspense? Check. Erotica? Check. It had me hooked from the first page and I couldn’t put it down.

The characters are so unique. So diverse. I loved them. Even when I loved to hate them. Like with Costa. There were moments when I wanted to simultaneously hug and strangle him. Every part of this story has a point, a purpose. Nothing is insignificant. Like a puzzle everything clicks into place and what you have is a mysteriously, thrillingly sexy story about finding yourself, acceptance and fate. I mentioned before that this book is quite a ride and it is. I laughed, I swooned, I cringed I held my breath and then at the end I smiled. And I’m still smiling because it is that good. Jessica Park has a way of writing that is so unique and I love that about her. There were many moments while reading when I was like “What the f%ck is going on?!?” This book is crazy bananas but only in the best possible way!!!  I can only imagine what goes on in that head of hers but its magic when she gets it all out on paper.

So emerge yourself into the world of Stella, Sam and Costa and be prepared to have your mind blown. It’s a riveting tale of the many facets of love. Theirs is a triangle unlike anything you have read before. And to Jessica Park, Thank you for writing. Please continue to grace us with you tremendous talent and storytelling ability! You could rewrite the phone book and I would read it!

"After years of fog, my head, my heart, and my world are finally clear."

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