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Release Blitz: Doves For Sale by Lila Felix

“Love isn’t crazy. Love isn’t a degree of insanity. Love is sanity at its purest. It forces your soul to make a rational choice—a choice to make another person’s happiness your priority, to allow them access to your heart and soul. Letting Ezra go was choosing to love him. Letting him go was the best way you knew how to choose his joy over your own. I can see it in both of you. This love isn’t one that will go down without a fight.” 

Seven months is a long time to wait.
Ezra has three goals. There is no choice. He has to get better, for himself and for Aysa.
Except, his best friend Roman has moved in in his absence. He’s given Ezra’s girl a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold, and a fighting chance at winning her heart.
Aysa knows who her heart belongs to.
But loving Ezra is no easy task.
Ezra never promised simple, he only promised his heart.
Aysa has two paths in front of her, one carries peace and one carries a love that never ends.

4.5 Stars by Jen Skewes

Doves For Sale is the conclusion of Aysa and Ezra’s story.  You need to read the first book which is Sparrows For Free.  I loved Aysa and Ezra and could not wait for the conclusion to their story.  At the end of Sparrows we were lef wondering if these two would find their way back to each other.  Would Ezra become the man that was worthy of Aysa’s love?  And when he finally did heal would it be too late?  

When Aysa and Ezra met they both had their own issues that they were dealing with.  And what I loved about this book is watching the growth and transformation that these two make.  When we first met Aysa she was this very shy and a bit awkward girl.  She hid from the outside world and I mean literally hid when things became a bit too much for her.  She lived life just being there.  She felt that no one even noticed her or cared if she was even there.  But then Ezra came along and he saw something in her.  He made her feel like she was important.  And with Ezra there also came his friends and brother who suddenly became her friends.  And  seeing Aysa now and how much she has grown just made my heart happy.  She has come out of her shell so much.  She is the girl that she was always meant to be but just kept hidden.  She has more spark to her, this feistiness that I love. 

Ezra had his own demons that he was facing.  He has been living in this world of hurt, guilt and pain over his past.  He used his friend as a crutch to help him through it all.  Everything was about him, but then he met Aysa and she was reason enough for him to get better.  He knew that he needed to become whole again before being able to give Aysa the love and devotion that she deserves.  I think that while we saw Aysa grow and get past her issues in the first book, I think is more of Ezra’s story and how he is learning to heal and be whole again.  With some help Ezra learns to put his past in the past.  He loves Aysa completely and needs her in his life.  And he will do what it takes to heal and be worthy of her love. 

I loved this story.  It is the story of Aysa and Ezra finding their way back to each other.  There is no doubt how much these two love each other and what being apart is doing to them.  While Ezra is working on himself Aysa is trying to also move on.  Ezra is never far from her mind but she is trying so hard to be her own person and put herself first.  She knows that Ezra needs to become whole again and find himself before they can be one.  But there comes a point when these two just realize that they both need each other.   And while Ezra may not be completely whole again he is working on it.  And I think a part of him needs Aysa there by his side.  Because I think in some way trying to be whole again also means showing her how much she means to him.  

They take things slowly almost as if starting over and learning to love each other again.  The love is still there and it never died but in a way they are starting fresh.  Ezra wants to do right by her and I completely loved and respected him for that.  These two are so perfect together.  You can feel the love between them.  Ezra was just amazing in proving his love for Aysa.  He has grown so much in this book and is so different that the boy that we first met.  He seems more alive and happy.  I loved him in Sparrows and my heart hurt for him but I fell in love with him all over again in this one.  There is just a lighter side to him that I loved.  And you see how sweet and living he truly is.  

There are so many things that I loved about this book but I have to mention Aysa’s relationship with Knox.  I loved the moments that they shared together.  You could see how close they are and how much they care for each other as friends.  And it’s not just because he is Ezra’s brother.  These two have this connection that I think whether Ezra was in the picture or not, it would always be there and they would be friends no matter what.   

Doves For Sales is the perfect conclusions to Ezra and Aysa’s story.  I loved every minute of it.  I loved watching them grow and never lose hope that they would find their way back to each other.  They had their struggles but they fought through them.  Another great job by Ms. Felix.  I cannot wait for Roman’s story.  That poor guy.  

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