Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Review: The Good Girls by Teresa Mummert

My life was meticulously planned and I refused to deviate from that path. While my peers were partying, I prepared for the future. Then a tragic event destroyed everything and I learned that while I was looking ahead, I forgot to live in the moment. 
Starting over seemed impossible until I met Cara McCarthy, who lived every day like it was her last. She opened my eyes to a world of chaos and disorder. I loved every minute of it. She was also dating Tristan Adams, one of the most gorgeous men I’d ever seen.
The three of us became inseparable. Our parents were oblivious and soon lines became blurred, feelings began to grow, and someone’s heart was going to get broken. I hoped it wasn’t mine.

4 Star Review by Jen Skewes

I want to start by saying that this is the first F/F romance that I have read.  I’ve read plenty of M/M books before but reading a love story about two female lead characters just wasn’t for me.  But seeing the teasers and reading the synopsis there was something about this story that intrigued me.  So I decided to put my big girl panties on and go out of my comfort zone for this book and I am so glad that I did.  Teresa Mummert did a wonderful job with this story. 

Ellie has just lost her mother and was sent to live with her father, a man whom she never knew.  He left her and her mother when she was little and never looked back.  So now she is forced to live with a man she hardly even knows, and his girlfriend Dawn.  This is one of the most difficult times in her life and she feels completely alone.  

Cara lives with Dawn and Ellie’s father David.  Her parents basically disowned her for doing something that they do not believe in and sent her to live with her mother’s friend Dawn.  When Cara and Ellie first meet it would seem that Cars has it all together.  She is beautiful, has a great boyfriend who is not only really cute but seems to take care of her.  But deep down Cara is lost and alone.  These two from a friendship and soon come to find that they need each other in more ways than one.  Their bond and connection goes beyond friends.  Cara and Ellie know what they want and know exactly how they feel about each other.  They know that when they are with each other they feel comfort and no longer feel alone.  But the feelings that they have for each other aren’t exactly acceptable by the people around them. And they feel like they have to hide who they truly are because of it.   Will they ever be able to admit their true feelings or will they sacrifice their love because of the people around them?

I loved Cara and Ellie and at times my heart hurt for the two of them.  I think high school and the teenage years are hard enough without having to be afraid of who you are and who you love.  These two young girls have been through so much in the last year and they find such comfort with each other.  They are their to lean on each other when they need it and they make each other smile.  Something neither of them have really done in a while.  But unfortunately the way they feel is unacceptable to small town of people where they live.  And because of this there are struggles that they have to face.  And sometimes you have to make decisions in life that while they may not be what you want it is the best decision you can make at that time.  I think some decisions that Cara made hurt people but she did it all with the best of intentions.  I admired the strength that both of these girls had.  I felt the connection between the two of them and wanted them to find their way together. 

As mentioned earlier this is my first F/F book.  I will be the first to admit that I really wasn't sure what to expect.  I think people see F/F or M/M and are right away turned off because they think it will be all sex and no emotion.  And I completely understand that.   When I read a love story between two male characters for me it isn’t always about the passion or the hot sex between them but it is about the emotion and the love.  And for me that is what makes a love story so beautiful.   It doesn’t matter if it is two males, two females or a man and a woman.  When you read a story about two people who have this deep love and connection and you can feel that emotional connection between them, for me that is what matters.  And that is exactly what Teresa Mummert gave us.  She gave us a beautiful love story between two characters that was real.  They dealt with real life issues and the characters are relatable on so many levels.  I loved these characters.  And I have to mention one person in this book that really stood out to me and that was Brody. I really hope he gets his own book.  He was the sweetest person and someone who really looked out for Cara and Ellie.  I am so glad that I gave this book a chance.  I really enjoyed their story. 

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