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Review: JR Grant's Broken Until You

Book 2- Until You Series
Stone & Blue's Story
***Please Note***
Each book in the Until You series is based off of two different characters and can be read as a standalone.

You can't shatter a heart if it's already broken.

After suffering years of abuse, Blue Hamilton packed her bags and left town, vowing to never look back.Thirteen months later, just as everything started falling into place, Blue comes face to face with the one person who invaded her thoughts, captivated her mind, and stole her heart years prior.

His sexy charm and toned, muscular body may have gotten him anything he wanted, but Stone Walker has never been able to let his walls down enough to fall in love, until Blue walks back in his life.
Promising to keep her safe from the destruction of their past, Stone does everything in his power to live up to his word, no matter the cost. 

Lies are exposed, secrets are revealed, and when the truth is finally made known, innocent lives are forced through a whirlwind of suffering and pain.

What happens when you find out the one you love isn't who they say they are? Do you sell your soul to the devil, or do you run into the arms of the forbidden, praying to make it out alive? 

Follow this compelling journey of love, loss and survival.

Souls will be crushed, hearts will be shattered, and if everyone makes it out alive, it’ll be a miracle

4 Stars!

Review by Jen Hagen 

Ms. Grant’s writing always takes on a direction that one does not see coming.  She writes more than just your predictable romance and I enjoy the extra element of surprise/suspense that she adds into her stories.  

We met Stone in the first book, and although he didn’t leave us with a favorable impression (at least to me), he had his reasons and after hearing them he has completely won me over.  In fact, I think I fell in love with Stone Walker.  I felt really bad for Stone that his best friend refuses to forgive him for a past mistake.  It hurts Stone, but he keeps that pain hidden from everybody.  After I forgave Stone I just wanted to yell at Brax, “Get over it, dude!”  Seriously…he needs to let it go!

In the prologue we get a glimpse into Blue’s horrible excuse of a relationship with her boyfriend of 7 years.  Blue has endured a lot in her years and she has grown into a strong woman because of everything dealt to her – her mom dying when she was 7, an absent father, foster care, abusive boyfriend, etc.  The past 3 years have shown Blue a light at the end of the tunnel and as she finally has the opening coming into her view, she is forcefully pulled back into the darkness.

Stone and Blue met 3 years ago at a wedding of mutual friends.  Here comes the tricky part…she is still living with Niko but meeting up with Stone as often as she can.  This goes on for 3 years.  I feel bad that Stone is the other man when he should be THE man.  He is kind hearted and loving to Blue, but Blue always returns to her life with Niko.   

Sure I probably could have done the right thing and never touched Stone until I found the courage to leave Niko for good, but I didn’t.  I was in a vulnerable place. I longed to feel loved, to have a connection with someone who truly cared about me.  That wasn’t an excuse by any means, however it was the God’s honest truth. 

Stone’s heart was broken when Blue left the last time and did not return.  In order to take his mind off of Blue he did things he now regrets; and hearing this next part is where I began to forgive Stone.

I was angry. Hurt.  Out to seek revenge on Blue.  When it was all said and done, I ended up making the biggest mistake of my f*cking life.  And because of my stupidity, the friendship Brax and I spent years building, no longer existed.  
What happens when Blue comes to town after an extended absence, this time staying for good?  Is Stone going to forgive Blue for not contacting him when she returned or is he over her?  Can you just forget the pain your heart bore and let the love flow through forgivingly? 

“Tell me you are mine,” he demanded, his blue eyes full of need.  “Tell me it’s just you and me and no one else.  We can do this, Blue.  I’ll do everything I can to make you happy.”

Stone and Blue are in their happy place…things are great…love is in the air... a few moments of “I think I know where she is going with this story” and then BAM!  Ms. Grant hits us hard and I was left reeling. 

I fell to my knees and grabbed a handful of my hair, fisting my fingers through my locks.  Everything I believed in, everything I was told…it was lies. 

While I did have a few questions going through my head at some of the blanks I felt were missing in the story, I do believe they will be answered in book 2.  Too much information would not make it as suspenseful, and the way it is left I am questioning everybody whose name was mentioned – even people that should not even be considered. I have a very strong feeling that Ms. Grant is going to shock us hard with the truth.  I look forward to the big reveal!

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