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Release Blitz and Review: The Con by Justine Elvira

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Jagger had three rules for every con:
1. Don't back out
2. Don't forget the story
3. Don't fuck it up

I broke them all.

I first met Jagger when I was just nine years old. He was an older boy who gave me twenty dollars to buy a new pair of ballet shoes after I dropped mine in the mud. That's when I fell in love with him.

And love would be my downfall.

I would run into Jagger over the years and I'd watch him as he'd hustle strangers out of their money with his latest scam. He lied, he cheated, and he took advantage of anyone he could. Most importantly, he never got caught.

Well, until he needed me to help him pull off his biggest con to date.

I thought I could do it. He told me it was easy to make money through deception, and I believed him because he had a lot of it.

But I should have known that nothing is guaranteed.

My name is Ronnie and now we're on the run.

*Recommended for 17+ due to subject matter and sexual content.

4 Star Review by Jen Skewes

When Ronnie was just 8 years old her mother died, leaving her to be raised by her teenage sister.  They live in a trailer park and barely make ends meet. Her sister is doing the best that she can to take care of Ronnie.  When she was just 9 years old she met Jagger, who also lived in the same trailer park as she did.  He saved her that day and from that moment on when she needed him he seemed to be there for her.  That was also that day that a nine year old Ronnie fell in love with Jagger.  Even if she didn’t see him much over the years, she was in love with him and knew that one day they would be together.  But when that day came things didn’t exactly go as planned.

Jagger lives with his sister and nephew.  He is the man of the house and since he was a teenager it has been his job to take care of his family.  He took care of them the only way he knew how, by running cons to get money.  He was good at it and as he grew older he continued with his ways.  But the next con wouldn’t be easy.  He needed a partner to make this one work, a female one.  Its been a few years since he has spoken to Ronnie and after the way he treated her the last time he saw her he doesn’t expect her to help him.  But he needs her and she is the only person that he trusts for this job.  If he can convince Ronnie to help him out will this con go according to plan or will they end up on the run?

I always look forward to Justine Elvira’s books.  She never seems to disappoint with the characters she creates and stories that she tells.  This one is no exception.  Upon first meeting Jagger I fell for him.  He was a young kid who helped out a little girl when she needed it.  I saw something in him that I liked.  But as he got older he tended to be a bit of an ass.  And at that point I wasn’t so sure if he would redeem himself in my eyes. Don't get me wrong he wasn't a complete ass but i found it harder to connect to him because of some of his actions.  But when Ronnie agrees to help him with his next con, my feelings changed.  A con gone bad left the two of them on the run.  And it was then that I understood just how much Ronnie meant ti him and why he treated her the way he did.  He was always looking out for her and wanting to protect her in anyone he could, even if that meant staying away.  And I loved him for that.

Ronnie was hopelessly in love with Jagger from the first moment she met him.  And no matter what happened over the years she would always love him.  She agreed to help him and despite what happened in the past she trusted him 100%.   They had both been through alot growing up and were both survivors and fought to the end.  When they were on the run to be honest I was not sure how this one would end.  How could they possibly get out of the mess that they were in?  But Ms. Elvira delivered an ending that I loved.  I wish there was more of Ronnie and Jagger because I will miss them.  I am hoping that we get a follow up novella to their story because I would love to see where their future takes them.  This was a great read.   Another wonderful job by Jusitne Elvira.
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Jagger leans in close to me and I stop breathing as I focus on the way his body moves. I watch his lips as he takes in staggered breaths.
"Have you ever been kissed, twinkle toes?"
I let out a shaky breath. "No."
Jagger's palms graze my bare knees before placing his hands on each side of the bed so my thighs are trapped between them.
He leans in closer. "Do you want that to change? Do you want me to kiss you?"
I can't speak. I can barely move, as the very thing I've dreamt about these past three years is finally about to come true. Jagger is asking me if I want him to kiss me. Somehow in my state of shock, as my blood begins to boil from anticipation and his lips proximity to mine, I'm able to nod my head yes.
He hovers above me as I look up into his eyes. His lips are just inches from mine. A million thoughts are racing through my head and I can’t seem to think straight. I want to remember every second of what's about to happen, but instead, just as his lips are about to brush against mine, I whisper, "Why did Ky call you Ace?"
He grins down at me, his gaze flickering to my lips before he looks back up into my green eyes. "Because I'm good at everything."
I don't have time to process his answer. My eyes flutter closed as his lips connect with mine. I don't move and my lips stay firmly closed as he kisses me. I feel hot... everywhere. My face is flushed, my lips are tingling and I don't want this kiss to end.
Jagger pulls away slightly. One of his hands comes up to my face and he places a finger on my lower lip. "Loosen up, twinkle toes. Part your lips and just go with it. I want to see what you taste like."
His finger slides away from my mouth and then his lips meet mine again. This time we move together, our lips fitting perfectly with each other. His kiss is soft and I feel his tongue graze my bottom lip before tracing my top lip. I open my mouth allowing his tongue to tangle with mine, and it's everything I imagined it would be.
He doesn't take it any further. The only parts of our bodies that touch are our mouths and when the kiss is over I know I'll never be the same.
Jagger's sparked something inside me that can only be tamed by him.
It was the best first kiss in the history of all first kisses and I know I'm going to crave more.
Author Info
I guess this is the section where you want to know more about me. Hmmm…

I am a book lover. I love to write them and I love to read them. I began publishing my own stories several years ago under many different pen names. In the spring of 2013 I published my first story under Justine Elvira. Writing is my form of therapy. I love to take the stories in my head and write them down on paper.

I'm spontaneous and took a chance on me, leaving an incredibly secure and prosperous job to write full-time…

... and I've loved every minute of my life since.


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