Thursday, July 2, 2015

Review: Exposing The Bad Boy by Nora Flite

Adrenaline is my drug, and nothing has ever rivaled my addiction.
Not until now...
Not until Ellie Cutter.

That cinnamon smell intoxicates me, her lips were made for bruising. You'd think she'd jump my bones like all the others, but she's all business; so calm and collected.

That just makes me want to see her melt under my touch even more.

I've heard the moans of untold women, tasted their bodies and curves. Ellie shouldn't have any affect me.
So why can't I stop thinking about that one damn kiss?
It meant nothing... but the memory could make my zipper tear in two. I keep waking with my hand under the sheets, every bit of me hot and heavy. It's madness. Illogical. Reckless.

The only cure is to make her mine.

Author's Note-- EXPOSING THE BAD BOY is part of the Last of the Bad Boys brand. These stand alone stories are known for their alpha bad boys; inked men who love wild sex, bad decisions, and own up to their filthy mouths.
You can read these books in any order, they are all complete stories that follow new characters and are free of any cliffhangers.

Contains erotic scenes, as well as themes of violence/mature situations.

4 Star Review by Jen Skewes

I always look forward to reading Nora Flite’s books.  She knows how to write a fast pace book that you find yourself reading in one siting.  She creates characters that are so different and with each book you wonder what twist she is going to throw your way.  And Exposing the Bad Boy is no different.  What I also love about Ms. Flite’s books, the unique characters that she creates.  The hero in this book is a base jumper.  See what I mean, how often do you read a book about a base jumper? 

Pike works at a coffee shop in the day and by night he is a base jumper.  He is an adrenaline junky who loves to take risks.  He loves the thrill of falling from the top of the building at night all by himself.  It gives him this rush like nothing else can.  He has had his share of woman but never had any relationships to speak of.  And then he meets Ellie, and his life begins to change.

Ellie is a recruiter for Maximal Energy.  When a video that someone took of Pike base jumping hits the internet, Ellie’s boss gives her the job of recruiting Pike to join their company and endorse their energy drink.  Ellie is a hard worker and honestly her career is her life.  She hasn’t had much time for love or men because of her dedication to her job.  But she is good at what she does.  Pike is a tough sell but she will do whatever it takes to get him on board.  And she does!  Just not the way you would think.   

The chemistry and connection between Pike and Ellie is off the charts.  There is no denying the attraction.  What starts out as business turns into so much more.  Ellie is passionate about her job.   Pike loves the thrill of it all but feels he may be selling out by signing an endorsement deal.  I loved watching these two characters fall for each other.  But what I loved was seeing the growth in the both of them.  I think in a way they both learn what is really important in life.

I loved this book .  Nora Flite made me feel and understand that rush that Pike would get.  She even managed to throw in a few surprises that I did not see coming. Another great job. 

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