Thursday, August 20, 2015

Review: The Way We Rise by Cassia Leo

The highly anticipated conclusion to the USA Today bestselling Story of Us series.

“Does it have to end?” 

With Liam’s fate no longer in the balance, Rory and Houston are poised on the precipice of a life-altering decision. When Rory’s father arrives in California to comfort Rory and make amends, Houston finds the decision becomes much easier to make.

When Houston suggests they take a break Rory thinks he must be joking. But he’s not. And his timing couldn’t be worse.

“I hope it never ends.” 

With Houston and Rory vowing to keep their new friendship strictly outside of the bedroom, their friends and family seize the opportunity to draw out the torture and surprises. Ensuring that Houston and Rory’s story has an ending they’ll never forget.

4 Star Review by Jen Skewes

The Way We Rise is the third and final installment in this series.  I could not wait to get my hands on this one.  I needed answers.  I needed to know if Rory and Houston would finally get their happily ever after.  What would happen with Liam and would they all be able to work it out and put the past where it belongs, in the past.

Rory and Houston have come together at the end of the last book and now they are left to deal with the aftermath of what happened with Liam.  It’s a very emotional moment and time for Rory and neither one of them really know how to deal with it.  Houston loves Rory and wants a future with her but he also knows that they still have so much to work out.  There are still secrets that are being kept ans when it all comes out, the are both left completely shocked and wondering what happens next.  Houston thinks that maybe they need to take a step back and start over, as friends.  Yes you read that correctly.  Being just friends for now, get to know each other better and take it slow is the way he thinks they should proceed.  And honestly I completely understood exactly where he was coming from and why he suggested it.  These two have been through so much hurt and pain over the last six years.  The event that brought them together still plagues them.  It is still something that is between them and they both need to be able to put it in the past, all of it in order to move forward.  They both need to forgive and not just each other.  But will being friends really be the solution?  Given the way they feel about each other will they be able to truly be just friends?  And most importantly will they get the happy ending that they both deserve?  So many questions.  But trust me you will get all the answers that you need in the end.

I really loved the conclusion to Rory and Houston’s story.  We were kept wondering if they would get their happy ending.  At times it didn’t seem like they were both on the same page.  They loved each other but there was so much standing in their way.    Once again Ms. Leo managed to surpise us even further when more secrets come out an you are left wondering how will these two get past this.  And at times I wasn’t really sure.  But there love is strong and because of that their love is strong enough to rise above it all.

I think my favorite part of this book was the epilogue.  Cassia Leo certainly did their love story justice with this amazing epilogue.  Not only did Ms. Leo do a fantastic job tying everything together where all parties are concerned, but it was the perfect ending for Rory and houston. It was funny, sweet and just beautiful.  I felt the love and connection between Rory and Houston in this one, which for me personally was lacking a bit in the first two.  But I felt it all with them this time around. I truly saw how much these two were meant to be together.  No matter how long it took for them to figure it all out and find their way back to each other, in the end they were exactly where they belonged. Another fantastic job by Ms. Leo

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