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Blog Tour: Sins of Sevin by Penelope Ward

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New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author

(A standalone)

Release date 9/21/2015

A Contemporary Romance novel
Penelope Ward

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From New York Times bestselling author Penelope Ward, comes a
new forbidden STANDALONE romance!


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What happens when the one you want is the only one you can't have?

My name is Sevin.

Homeschooled and sheltered by my ultra-religious family, I was always taught that lust was a sin.

Elle was the girl who'd been carefully chosen for me.

After a long-distance courtship, I'd be moving into her family's guesthouse so that we could get to know each other in the months before the wedding.

Boundaries were set: no inappropriate touching, no kissing, no sex before marriage.

I'd accepted those rules and my fate.

Until I met the one I wanted to sin with.

That was when restraint became a problem...especially since THE ONE wasn't Elle.

It was her sister, Evangeline.

You know what they say about best laid plans.

My name is Sevin, and I have sinned.

Told in alternating points of view, Sins of Sevin is a full-length standalone novel.
Contains graphic sexual content and harsh language.
Only appropriate for adult readers
age 18+.

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5 Star Review by Jennifer Hagen

If you have a top book for 2015 sitting in the number one position, move it down a notch because once you have finished Sevin you will want him sitting at the forefront!  Sevin is a perfect combination of every male character Ms. Ward has written. He has the most beautiful soul I have ever read, but yet at the same time my heart broke into small pieces for him.  How can a book strip you into shreds but yet warm you from the inside out? 

Sevin is 19 years old when his father dies and he is left with his stepmother and half brothers.  He has never felt like he belonged in the family alongside the blonde boys and he with his black hair – and that is just a visual difference.  The biggest differences come from within.  Sevin strays far from the religious beliefs that his stepmother follows.  He is so far from the religious path his stepmother envisions  it is best he leave home.  He has moved to Kansas where the promise of a future his father was planning has come to fruition.  The only stipulation to this new future is that he court Elle, a beautiful blonde whose aspirations are to be a wife and mother.  Sevin is okay with this because he has no desire to fall in love as he saw what his mother’s death did to his father.  No way is he going to fall that madly in love with a woman where the loss of her would cause irreparable damage.  Oh how he will want to eat those words as he does fall madly in love…only it isn’t with Belle, it is with her sister, Evangeline.

I’m not a huge fan of instalove, but in this case it was undeniable that Sevin and Evangeline had an strong connection to each other when they first met.  Their similar personalities were palpable on the page and you just knew that a physical connection was eminent.   It really is unfortunate that he was on his way to meet Elle when he and Evangeline had their first meeting alongside the road.

How do you fight what fate has in store for you?  Do you go the route you thought was the safe planned out way, or do you trust fate and follow your heart?  Fate may have a plan, but sometimes fate can be a fickle bitch and even though she has your life planned out, sometimes she will take you on the long road with lots of detours truly testing you to see how strong love is. 

“I have to leave.  These feelings aren’t going away, so I have to go away…because I can’t have you.”
“Look at me.  Can’t you f*cking see that you already do?”
“You have me, Evangeline.  You.  No one else.  From the moment we met, it’s been you.”

Here is where the fickle bitch steps in.  Just when Evangeline and Sevin have a plan in place, fate adds her own twist to the love story. 

“I would never choose this.”

Life is full of choices.  Some choices we make in the spur of the moment while others we overthink.  It doesn’t matter the length of time it comes to reach a decision because once  a choice is made and acted upon, the damage has been done.  In this case the damage spans  5 years.  I love stories where it takes years to resolve their differences or misunderstandings.  It gives the second chance at love a high angst reading rather than to make it predictable.  There was nothing predictable in this story, other than me knowing I was going to LOVE it after completing the first chapter. 

Sevin is a character that will hold your thoughts even after you have finished the book.  He will earn so many tears from you…be certain to wear an absorbant soft cotton tee to wipe your tears away.
 Sevin does so many good things for everybody that he loves that he ends up sacrificing his own happiness.  Elle, Evangeline, and Rose are all recipients of his love and sacrifices,  while only one holds the title of his unconditional love.  Sevin has lived a thousand lives in such a short amount of time and he deserves a lifetime of happiness.   I said it at the beginning and I’ll repeat myself…Sevin has the most beautiful soul of anybody I have ever read.  He can be vicious in his words but he only does that to protect himself. 

How was it possible to hate someone and love them at the same time?

He is scared to give himself to Evangeline once again.  She once had his heart and obliterated it.  Sevin isn’t the only one who has had it rough in the last 5 years.  When Evangeline left, she left with nothing.  She left everyone and everything behind in order for her to start fresh.  She didn’t want the past finding her.  Was that a mistake?  Indeed it was, but at the time it was her only option.  Evangeline is a free spirit and as much as I wanted to be mad at her for the decisions she made, I couldn’t.  Evangeline has been sheltered from the ways of the world by her parent’s religious beliefs.  She knows nothing else.  I had to feel sorry for her when I really wanted to be mad at her.  And poor Sevin…he wants to be furious at her but he loves her too much. 

“I haven’t forgotten the pain of you leaving or the broken heart you left me with.  But you’re also the only one who can heal it.  There might have been times when I thought I hated you.  But the fact is, I could never hate you more than I love you.  You’re the love of my life.”

Love hasn’t been easy for Sevin and it’s not going to be easy for them even down the road.  Constant reminders of what he has lost will continue to haunt him, but with a simple declaration he can heal the wounds that would threaten to break anybody apart.

“You are enough.”

Oh how I loved this book!!!  Sevin’s story is one of love and redemption, forgiveness and second chances, but the one thought that stays with me is unconditional love.  Ms. Ward has never disappointed me with her writings, but she raised the standards for all her future writings with this latest release.    I hope you love Sevin as much as I did.


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Copyright © 2015 by Penelope Ward

He quietly followed me into the dining room, carrying the flatware. The tension in the air was thick as he walked behind me around the oval table, setting down silverware after each plate I’d put down. It was like some weird game of musical chairs where awkward silence replaced the music. The hairs on my back stiffened. We weren’t saying anything, but it was as if I could feel the weight of a thousand words along with the heat of his body so close behind me.
When I noticed he’d just put a fork where the spoon was supposed to go, I switched it. “The forks go on this side, actually.” My hand was shaking. I couldn’t believe how little control I had over myself.
Noticing my nerves, he suddenly placed his hand over mine and whispered, “Stop.”
Chills ran through me. My heart started to beat faster. My nipples hardened. I hated my body for responding to him with equal amounts of fear and lust.
I turned to him, his hand still over my knuckles. It felt like I couldn’t breathe as he just looked at me.
My mother’s footsteps caused Sevin to move his hand off mine with lightning speed.
Mama entered, and we continued setting the table as if our stolen moment hadn’t happened.

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Meet Penelope Ward

Penelope Ward is a New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling author. She grew up in Boston with five older brothers and spent most of her twenties as a television news anchor, before switching to a more family-friendly career. She is the proud mother of a beautiful 10-year-old girl with autism and a 9-year-old boy. Penelope and her family reside in Rhode Island.

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