Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Review: Only You by Stephanie Rose

Only You is a STANDALONE novel in the Second Chances Series. 

I spent my life searching for love, but Evan was right there all along. As gorgeous on the inside as he was on the outside, I never had to wonder if he loved me. He showed me with every glance, every sweet touch, every scorching kiss. 

I wanted nothing more than to give him my forever—until I found out I may not have one.

Paige was the girl of my dreams. So beautiful in every way; no one would ever compare. I feared she would never be mine, and then she became my everything. I wanted to be with her for the rest of my life. 

I wanted her to be my forever. But love may not be enough. 

Why do I have to say good-bye to the love of my life? How can I let you go—when it’s always been only you?

4 Stars

Review by Lisa Kane 

Evan has had a thing for Paige Taylor since they were kids. But she was oblivious to it, and made her way through relationships with total douchbags, while he sat on the side lines. He's working for her cousin, Jack now and thinks it's about time he staked his claim before another jerk comes along and steals her away. 

"I've waited for this date since I was fifteen years old, and I'm not waiting anymore." 

Paige is having a hard time. Her cousin Jack is about to become a father. He's madly in love with his wife Ellie, but has been battling leukemia for the last few years. Paige and Jack are more like brother and sister than cousins. Losing him is not something she can bring herself to face. 

Evan lets it be known that he is more than a little interested in Paige and the two take things slow. But there are some jealous ex's (more like crazy as a loon!) who try to ruin their chance for happiness. 

"You own me. Can't you see that? You're the only one I want. Only you."

Paige is trying to deal with her graphic design work, Jack's illness, her new relationship with Evan and is blindsided when she has her own health issues to deal with-how much more can she handle? 

I loved Evan. And even though it would break my heart, maybe I did have to set him free.

Only you is a sweet, slightly angsty read that has some heartbreaking moments. Especially ones with Jack. My eyes got wet more than once reading this book, but there were some happy tears in there too. I loved seeing Lucas from Always You make an appearance. His sister Jessica is the new office manager for Evan and Jack's business. Catching up with him was a great touch. I hope we see more of him in this series. 

The next story will focus on Ellie (Jack's wife) and her struggle to find happiness. 

"And...maybe I don't see you exactly the same. I knew I was in love with you, but didn't know how empty my life was without you. And how much I need you to feel alive."

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