Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Review: Feisty Princess: A Sexy Manhattan Fairytale #2 by Michelle Valentine

I’m fucked. Royally. She tempted me—screwed with my head—and gained the upper hand. She’s the enemy. I can’t forget that. My weakness jeopardized my company. The Feisty Princess of Manhattan will not win this war. No matter how fantastic her lips felt around my cock. Book two in a three part erotic romance series. Super naughty new series From NY Times and USA Today bestselling author Michelle A. Valentine (Rock the Heart, Phenomenal X, Demon at My Door)

4.5 Stars!

Review by Lisa Kane 

I love this series! Alexander King is a pompous gazillionaire who oozes sex appeal and leaves behind a string of broken hearts. It doesn't matter that he tells them they will never be more than one night; they think they will be the ones to change him. Two years ago he got burnt by his ex girlfriend, Jess, and after seeing how her cheating on him affected him-he's not going down that path again. This naughty King's heart is locked tight. 

Margo Buchanan is the daughter of a once reigning CEO in Manhattan. She takes no crap, is independent and well educated. She's not called the Feisty Princess of Manhattan for nothing. She is determined to somehow come up with a way to save her father's company. It's about to be gobbled up by Alexander King and dismantled bit by bit. Part of her father's agreement with King is to allow Margo to work for him. He knows she's just spying while trying to come up with a Hail Mary pass. Better to keep your enemies close. But as much as they despise one another, that's how much they desire each other also. And neither one of them is any good at denying the attraction between them. The attraction that's landed them in bed together on more than one occasion (or against the wall, or on any available hard surface) 

Margo thinks she might be able to sway Yamada, an eccentric business partner of King's. He is all in for the deal to acquire her father's company. This guy is a certifiable whack a doodle. At the end of Naughty King he is part of the reason that Alexander and Margo woke up married to each other in Vegas. No pre-nup, no memory, and a whole lot of trouble. 

Feisty Princess is more a story of how do we make this right when things are so wrong right now. Alexander can't risk his board thinking he makes flighty decisions. Margo is hoping she will be entitled to part of his fortune and she can keep her father's company afloat. Of course once Manhattan gossip's find out that these two married, it's all anyone can talk about. The two agree to a truce and come up with a compromise. Alexander feels guilty that he is less than honest with Margo. (Uh oh! I have a feeling this one is going to come back and bite his delectable ass!) 

Both their lives are about to be turned upside down. Alexander's scheming ex is sticking her nose in his business and just as this installment ends Margo is thrown for a loop. Of course Alexander thinks that this might just benefit him and the wheels in his devious head are turning. 

I am so ready for the next part of this story. I hope the wait isn't too long! 

"Don't worry, King. This marriage is nothing more than a business relationship for me. I'll uphold my end of the deal. By the time I'm through putting on a show, this whole damn town will believe that we're the most in love couple on the planet." 

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