Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Review: At Peace by Andria Large

I messed up…

Big time. 

Don’t think that I don’t know this. I’m sure you probably all hate me right now, but I did what I thought I needed to do to try and salvage what is left of my family. 

Will I lose Dennis forever because of my own stupidity? God, I hope not. 

I will try my damnedest to make this up to him, even if that means begging on my hands and knees. He is it for me…my forever, and I will do whatever it takes to prove it to him. 

Now, if I could just get him to talk to me…

4.5 Stars
Review by Jen Skewes

At Peace is the conclusion to Dennis and Tucker’s beautiful and hot love story.  I loved these two characters.  From the moment that I met Dennis is Sweet Renegade I wanted to see him get his own book.  From the moment Dennis and Tucker were together, even if only friends I knew that they would be amazing together.  They just fit so perfectly.  Given what they had both been through they understood each other in ways no one else could.  Between the comfort, the love and the attraction you just knew that it would not be long before these two became more than just friends.   Their relationship up until the very end of the second book, War Torn, seemed to be perfect.  But then Ms. Large threw a twist in there that left us wondering if these two would survive. 

At the end of War Torn Tucker walked away for persona reasons.  He needed to deal with some stuff and needed to go home to do that.  But even if in his mind leaving was only temporary, he left Dennis with a shattered heart.  Dennis loves Ticker more than anything in this world.  But right now he is hurt by Tucker’s actions and at this point you are not sure how and if these two can get past it all.  Tucker screwed up and now needs to do everything in his power to make it right.  The question is will Dennis be able to forgive him and get back to the way they were?

What I loved the most about Dennis and Tucker is that when they both first realized their feelings for each other they never questioned it.  It all felt so right to them that they never once had a hard time with the fact that they were in love with a man. They had both though of themselves as heterosexual men.  But things change and so do feelings.  So when Tucker made a decision at the end of War Torn I think I was just as hurt as Dennis was.  I wondered how he could do that to us.  But in the beginning of At Peace you understand his reasons better. You see exactly what he is going through and why he needed to confront it all.  And all I will say is that Tucker more than redeemed himself. 

Tucker and Dennis together is just hot and sexy and absolutely adorable.  They love each other so much.  They have been through hell and back but being together helps them both to get past it all.  I wanted them to work it out.  I wanted Dennis to be able to forgive and move on, because these two were just meant to be together.  Their love felt so real.  I have always said that Ms. Large knows how to write a MM romance.  She knows how to make the reader not only feel the passion between them but the love as well.   There love never felt anything other than real and genuine.  There is a moment where Tucker confronts his family and I loved the reactions and the decisions that his family members made.  It wasn’t over the top,  and it wasn’t unrealistic at all.  Everything about their story just felt real.  It was a beautiful to watch Dennis and Tucker fall in love and find their happiness.   Amazing job.  If you love a beautiful love story between two male characters that has the right amount of drama, passion, emotion and sexiness then this series is for you.  

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