Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Release Day Blitz: Why Now? by Carey Heywood

Title: Why Now?
Author: Carey Heywood
Release Date: March 22, 2016
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He was my everything.
I loved him.
For over twenty years.
And everyone knew, including him.
But he never loved me back.
Not once.
Not ever.
So I moved on.
Until now.
Now he's back, and wants to make me his.
He's everything I've ever wanted.
I should be happy.
But there's one problem.
My fiancé.

3.5 Stars
Review by Lisa Kane

Kacey Albright is finally ready to let her feeling for Jake Whitmore. He's her best friend Reilly's older brother and Kacey has been infatuated since she was eight years old. Twenty years later and that's still the story. But her good friend Heath, in a drunken moment, asked her to marry him and she, equally drunk, said yes. His mom is dying and wants to see him settle down and they both love each other. Maybe they aren't in love but that will come right?

While Kacey convinces herself that she should marry Heath, Jake returns to town. He works on a Danish oil rig in San Diego. Its' lonely but he needs the money to pay off debts his grandparents amassed while raising he and his sister. He's not completely unaware of Kacey's infatuation, but he's always felt she was too young for him. Then when she got older, he figured his job would take him away again, and that wouldn't be fair to her. She is sweet and beautiful and off limits to him. But when he returns to sell his grandparents' house, he finds out about Kacey and Heath's engagement. A few years ago, a drunk Jake got the most incredible kiss of his life from a hot blond he hasn't been able to forget. He never found out who she was, but except for Kacey, this is the only other woman that he could see in a relationship.

Is Jake finally going to man up and let Kacey know that he feels the same way she does and he's not about to stand back and let Heath marry her? Or will his insecurities hold him back and his chance with Kacey will slip away?

Why Now is a quick read. Jake is in his early thirties and Kacey is in her late twenties. For someone of that age, she is sexually more than a little naive. I was confused as to why Kacey, with no real encouragement from Jake would let herself be humiliated by the whole town who have witnessed more than a few incidents where Kacey chased after Jake. I'm surprised that she never got involved with anyone else in all that time.

The dynamics between Kacey, Jake and Heath sometimes resembles people a lot younger. All three of them are immature. Jake thinking he can swoop in and break up Heath and Kacey because he suddenly realized he wants her seemed pushy and assuming. But the characters are all good people and honestly respect each other. They are caught up in a situation that can not possibly end without one of them getting hurt. But which will it be, Heath or Jake?

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New York Times & USA Today bestselling author with 13 books out and many more to come. She was born and raised in Alexandria, Virginia. Ever the mild-manner citizen, Carey spend her days working in the world of finance, and at night, she retreats into the lives of her fictional characters.
Supporting her all the way are her husband, three sometimes-adorable children, their nine-pound attack Yorkie and their needy Ninja cat.

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