Thursday, July 7, 2016

Defying the Odds by Nevaeh Lee

The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places. -Ernest Hemingway 

Since day one, Celeste Logan has had a string of bad luck—no, scratch that. Her past is so tragic, anyone would think she’s been irrevocably cursed. But this is no paranormal story…it’s her real f*cking life. 

Fortunately, there are people in her life who make it worth living. Though the past will never be completely forgotten, she has moved on and beat the hell out of the statistics. But just when it seems things are about as good as they’re going to get, disaster strikes—again. 

Can what’s broken be fixed this time, or was she ever fully mended in the first place? And will the past catch up to her, or is the present what Celeste should fear most?

4 Stars
Review by Jen Skewes

I could not wait for this book.  I remember reading the first chapter at the end of another book about a year ago, maybe even more and I just knew that I needed to read it. The first chapter deals with a horrible situation that Celeste finds herself in.  And I think what intrigued me the most is how it was handled.  It’s about a topic that I have read about before and is a sensitive topic but the way Celeste handled was very different than I think most people would.  I wondered how this would truly affect her?  Would she one day just break down realizing what had really happened?  Would she beat herself up for the way she handled the whole thing?  At times I wondered myself what she was doing until you truly see her reasons and why she did it.  And to be honest I think I admired her even more for it.
I do not want to give too much away, other than to say that Neveah Lee did such a wonderful job with this book and the emotions that went along with.  It is certainly worth the journey.

Celeste is a single mom to six year old twins.  Life has not been good to her in the past and now given her current situation, you wonder how much more can this poor girl take?  Celeste managed to survive and get through it all but the question is has she truly been able to live or is she just going through the motions of taking care of her and kids and working?

Austin Westlake is a detective who really hates his job.  He had dreams when he was younger and all of those dreams had been shattered and he now finds himself working a job that he hates.  He has his reasons for not pursuing his dreams and when I found out exactly why I felt for him.  It was such a shame how he had to give up his passion and his dreams for the reasons that he did. 

Austin and Celeste meet when he is called to her house to interview her for the case he has just been assigned to.  He is very good at this job even if he would rather be doing something else with his life.  But having to interviews victims who have been through what Celeste has been through never gets easier.  But when he is with Celeste and listens as she tells her story there is just something different about her.  And even when he has all the info he needs he cannot get her out of his mind.  He knows that now is the worst time ever to try to pursue anything with Celeste but that doesn’t stop him from wanting to protect her, from helping her and just wanting to be her friend through it all.  He wants more but knows that it will never happen.  But no matter what he should or should not do he remains in her life and is always there when she needs him, no mater how many times she pushes him away. 

Austin is a really really good guy who has his own story to tell about his past and his family.  I love the way he wanted to protect and take care of Celeste.  When she said she was fine he knew she was anything but.   Aside from being hot and sexy, he was a sweet, caring, loving and very patient man who I loved.  For one the love that he had for Jayden, his little brother will melt your heart.  The way he looked out for him and took care of him, being not just an older brother but I also think a father figure in a way.  And then there were Celeste’s twins who adored Austin and he loved them just as much.  It wasn't just about Celeste it was about the whole package.  She had a ton of baggage but that never bothered Austin at all. He wanted it all with her. 

Celeste is one tough cookie.  I cannot imagine her going through everything that she has experienced in the past 7 years.  But she is still a very strong woman even if she hides a lot of how she feels.  At times yes I think what happened hit her hard and she tried to figure out why and how, but for Celeste her twins were life.  And to her that was all that mattered.   She would do anything for them and you can see that.  You could see that she had a thing for the hot detective but the last thing she needed was to be involved with a man.  But there was so much more to it than that and it has everything to do with what happened to her. 

Overall I really loved this book.  I loved the main characters and the connection that they had.  But I also loved Celeste’s best friend who was a very big part of her life and her kids.  She was the perfect addition to this story.  Ms. Lee made me feel with this one, she made me feel not only the emotions but the connection between the characters as well.  I think my only issue was that I wanted a little more of Austin.  I think he had more story to tell and wanted to see a little more of that.  But overall this book was worth the wait. 

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