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Blog Tour: Four Letter Word by J Daniels


Fate. Hate. Love. Lies.
Which four letter word will change their lives forever?

Four Letter Word by J. Daniels is  NOW AVAILABLE!


Sydney Paige was never so mortified to hear the words "wrong number" in her life. She meant to tell off the guy who broke her best friend's heart, but unleashed her anger on a perfect stranger instead. And now her world is turned upside down by the captivating man who wants to keep her on the line.

Brian Savage is living a life he's quickly come to hate-until Sydney's wild rant has him hooked and hungry for more. Soon the sexy woman on the phone becomes the lover in his bed. But Brian has secrets, and the closer he lets Syd get, the harder it is to shield her from the devastating mistakes of his past . . .

4 Stars
Review by Lisa Kane

Four Letter.jpgSydney and her best friend Tori are both having suck days. Sydney's head is reeling like the Regan in the Exorcist. Her husband, of 7 years, Marcus, sat her down and told her he wants out of their marriage. No explanations, no reasons, no expression as he told her. Her best friend Tori keeps calling her and when she gets back to her she tells her that the guy she's been seeing is married. What is Sydney going to do? She doesn't have a lot of choices but to go stay with Tori. She quit her x-ray technician job, packed her things and drove to Tori's place. 

The naive veil had finally been lifted, and the longer I drove, the more I hated myself for becoming one of those women who allowed deceit to slip past them. Who stayed too detached and okay with little changes that should've bene red-hot alarms, blaring with an incessant warning.

When she gets to Tori's it all suddenly hits her. She's good and worked up on both of their accounts. She gets the married guy's phone number and calls him. Once she gets started she can't seem to stop herself. He tries to tell her she has the wrong number, but she's on a roll...

"Don't even know me,"followed by a heavy sigh. "Again, you got the wrong number. This guy who you think I am, he screwed over your friend? Right? Do me a favor and check the number you were supposed to dial. I'm betting you're only off by one."
But when he interrupts her and again tells her she has the wrong number, that shuts her up fast. Turns out she dialed one of the digits wrong and has been raining hell on the wrong guy. But good thing he has a sense of humor and he thinks this is the funniest thing he's had happened to him in a long time. This girl is full of fire and he wants to know more. 

Sydney is trying to adjust to her new world order. No word from her asshat husband. Tori got her a job at the restaurant she works at while she looks for a job as an X-ray technician. And she just might have been texting Brian, the wrong digit guy-flirty little texts, things that brighten up each of their days. Let me just say that I hated her husband. This guy is just a jerk, wrapped up in asshat, that deserves to be taken out like yesterday's trash. The more that is revealed about him, the more I hated him with the heat of a thousand suns. He is cruel and insensitive and a human stain. 

"We were drifting, Syd. We barely spoke anymore and we sure as hell weren't fucking. Things weren't good. The time we were together we spent bickering over bullshit. Christ, come on," he pleaded. "It wasn't fun anymore."

Brian is the co-owner of Wax, a surf shop with his best friend Jamie. About three months ago, his life changed, he made some decisions and he is living a life full of hell. But he decided he needed to do what he had to and it seemed like the only option at the time. But as Sydney and Brian get to know each other and finally meet in person, he knows he made the wrong choice. Sydney has trust issues because of the way her husband ended their marriage, what's she going to do when she finds out what Brian is hiding? 

I just held on to the one piece she didn't need to feel. I did it to protect her. She didn't need to know that ugly, and I was done with it.
All of it. 

It's all falling apart and neither Brian nor Syd know what to think. How do you explain the unexplainable? How do you trust when your heart is ripped open?

"Don't call me. Don't text me. Don't follow me. Don't come there. Leave me alone."
Four Words is engaging, and sexy and kept my interest the whole way through. Jamie and Tori's story is next and I can't wait to read about the manwhore and the feisty chick's story-she will give him a run for his money like he's never seen before! 

I wasn't even reading the clues. I was just filling out four letter word blocks with whatever came to mind.


The sun burned across a cloudless sky. I felt the intensity of it bake into the skin of my bare shoulders.
Waves crashed against the shore, some carrying surfers with them in the distance. A few feet ahead of me, a small child kicked a sand castle and giggled with his father.
I sat down on a step and slipped my sandals off.
The sand was warm underneath my feet as I dug my toes into it, staring out at the world in front of me. I rubbed a shell between my fingers as I watched a couple walk hand-in-hand toward the pier.
They looked happy. I tried to remember the last time Marcus held my hand, or even reached for it.
My chest burned when I couldn’t conjure up an image in my mind.
I looked down at the faint line marking my left ring finger. The token I was left with now that I no longer wore my ring. It was subtle, thanks to my naturally pale skin, but to me it stood out like embers glowing in the dark.
I hated it. I didn’t need a reminder of how I’d failed as a wife. Or how Marcus stopped seeing me as one.
Maybe I could coat my entire hand in sunblock except for that thin strip. Burn the memory away.
The idea seemed promising enough to consider.
From my back pocket, my cell beeped with an incoming message.
I wiped the tear from my cheek as I stood and palmed my phone, expecting to see Tori’s name lit up on my screen.
I froze on the step, my free hand on the railing as I stared curiously at the message and the number it was sent from.

Wild Girl. Eaten any innocent men alive today yet?

My lip twitched, the hint of a smile.
I sat back down, reading the message a second time as I remembered my conversation with this stranger yesterday.
My accidental verbal beat-down.
Jesus. I really let him have it.
I couldn’t think of the last time I was that embarrassed.
I told the guy to remove a dildo from his mouth, for Christ sakes.
All in all, whoever this was seemed to be a good sport about it. He could’ve laid into me and cussed me out. Made me feel even more like a complete shit for dialing the wrong number and not confirming the identity of my intended victim before I tore into him like he owed me money.
He was more than decent about the whole thing. Easily forgiving.
And now he was messaging me out of nowhere and striking up conversation.
He wanted to talk to me.
I tapped my thumb on the edge of the phone case, then hovered over the letters of my keypad as I stared at the message.
Did I even want to talk to this guy anymore? Wasn’t this weird? We didn’t know each other. Our encounter was a mistake. A one-time mishap, never to be repeated.

four letter word teaser blitz.jpg

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Author Information
J Daniels.jpg
J. Daniels is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Sweet Addiction series, the Alabama Summer series, and the upcoming Dirty Deeds series.

She would rather bake than cook, she listens to music entirely too loud, and loves writing stories her children will never read. Her husband and children are her greatest loves, with cupcakes coming in at a close second.

J grew up in Baltimore and resides in Maryland with her family.

Stalk Her: Facebook | Twitter | Website |  Goodreads


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