Thursday, May 25, 2017

Review: Loving Jade by Roya Carmen

I never thought I’d be able to leave Michael, but I finally worked up the courage. I’m not sure where I’m heading but I feel safe here with the Riverstones. This place is lovely and serene. There is so much beauty and love here.

Yet, I still don’t feel free – I know Michael will find me. It’s just a matter of time.

Love is the last thing I’m looking for, but Flynn is such a beautiful man, inside and out. He makes me believe that I can be stronger, that I can be fierce. He believes he can fix me with equine therapy but he has no clue how much damage has been done.

Yet, somehow, he manages to get through to me. With patience, love and understanding, he slowly peels off the hard layers of self-doubt and fear that have held me captive all these years.

Just as I finally start to get stronger, Michael tracks me down and sends us all into turmoil, and threatens not only me but the family I’ve come to love.

3.5 stars
Review by Lisa Kane

Flynn Riverstone is the brother of Amber and Ruby, whose stories were the first two in the Riverstone Series. He works hard for the family business and he is a licensed Equine Assisted Therapist. He works with horses, and helps clients of all ages with stress, traumas, disorders, depression-issues that are severely affecting the quality of their lives. He is fiercely protective of his family and wouldn’t mind settling down himself if the right girl came along.

Jade has been married to Michael for years. He’s immensely successful with his medical cannabis business. He showers Jade with clothing and shoes and jewelry. But Michael has a temper and Jade usually bears the brunt of it. Each time he hits her she tells herself it will be the last time. But of course it’s not. She’s afraid to leave and be on her own.

But then what?
Where will I go?
Who will I be?
Who will love me?
Who will take care of me?

When she finally has had enough, she turns to her aunt for help. That’s how she ends up in the same time as the Riverstone family.
Jade is like a skittish colt and Flynn immediately senses something is off in this girl that he finds himself attracted to-he’s had enough experience to know when someone is hiding pain. Flynn may have helped out so many others in the past, but can he help Jade to heal? Where do things stand with Jade and Michael, after all, he still is her husband.

“Flynn Riverstone,” he says simply. Not terse, not friendly, just matter-of –fact. But I’m glad to hear it-he’s the brother, the brother I know absolutely nothing about.

Loving Jade concludes the series about the Riverstone family. The ending of this one felt a little rushed to me. While I love a book with angst, this one had a dose of that but things were a little too sweet for me throughout most of the story. I like the hero to be a bit more alpha than Flynn. I have to admit that Amber surprised me and not in a good way. When things got tough, she suddenly became a different person. She had a family to worry about, but she had no problem kicking Jade to the curb. It may not have been her finest moment. Despite this, I can say overall, I did enjoy the series.

I shouldn’t need him so badly. I shouldn’t need anyone.
But I do.

Each story is intertwined with the lives of the three siblings. While they can be read as stand alones, it is better to read them in order, so you have a better understanding of the history of each of the characters and the choices they made. I’m looking forward to seeing what Ms. Carmen has in store for us with her next book!

Only one question comes to mind as his sweet lips press against mine.

How did I ever get so lucky? 

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