Monday, October 2, 2017

Review: 21 by Rhonda James

Every girl has a breaking point…
Mine came the moment I found my boyfriend in bed with another woman. Turns out she wasn’t the first, either. Nope. Seems my guy had been screwing every available girl on campus and I’d been oblivious to all of it.
Running away with a rock band may not be the best way to handle things, but that’s exactly what I do. Two days into the adventure, I’m slapped in the face with how boring and predictable my life has been up to this point.
With my birthday fast approaching, I finally give in to my best friend’s advice and make a list. You know the kind. Every single thing I’ve been too chicken to do--until now, anyway.
The catch? Accomplishing all 21 before my birthday. Should make for an interesting month.
1) Adopt Sophie’s FUCK THE RULES motto
2) Be more adventurous
3) Kiss a random guy
4) Proposition a hot guy
5) Achieve the BIG ‘O’

4.5 Stars
Review by Jen Skewes

I LOVED this book.  The first book that I read by this author was Jersey Girl and I will say that while these books are very different it still gave me the same feels.  I never wanted to put the book down, I fell hard for the hero and loved the heroine.  This is the exact reason why I love Rhonda James’ books. I love when you are reading a book and you never want it to end.  You become so invested in the characters lives and relationships that you cannot put the book down.  And that is how I felt while reading 21.  I devoured this book.

While I think some may classify this as a rock star book I think it is so much more than that.  This isn’t really about the rock star lifestyle at all.  It is more about two people and their journey to finding themselves and love. 

Tori has been in love with Michel Cross for so long, their non-exclusive relationship in high school always being what was most important to her.  She loved him but was never sure of his feelings for her.  Her best friend tried to warn her about Michael, but she loved him too much to listen.  It is four years later and Tori catches Michael in bed with her roommate and she finally realizes how she has wasted the last four years on someone who will never love her or treat heart the way that she deserves to be treated.   She quickly leaves town and goes back to her hometown, where she bumps into Dylan “Sin” Cross.  Oh this man!!

Sin is Michael’s brother, but when he met Tori years ago he defintily felt something for her.  The attraction was there but he couldn’t do anything about those feelings because she was his brother’s ex at the time and because he knew that he couldn’t give her what she wanted.  And to be honest at this point in his life he still isn’t sure that he can.  When Dylan and his band need a car to drive to Fl. for a sumer gig, Tori ends up driving them down there herself.  Her plan was to then spend some time on her own, finding herself and moving on from the past.  But as Sin and Tori spend more time together the sparks begin to fly.  There is this push and pull between the two of them.  She wants him, he wants her, but every time they seem to be pulled together like a magnet, Dylan pulls away.  He is the sexy bad boy that she should stay away from, she is sweet and innocent and he will only break her heart.  But neither one of them can help how they feel.  Will they both finally give in and find the love they deserve.

Let’s talk about Sin for a minute, because this man completely captured me from the moment that I met him.  He is the bad boy rocker who has a past, and once you hear what he has done, you know you should stay away from him.  But you can’t, because he just screams sexy, and then you get to know him and see that underneath that sexy, tough exterior is a sweet man.   They way he cared for Tori and protected her melted my heart.  Yes he was an ass at times but not in a way where you hated him.  He just had a hard time admitting his feelings and for the first time in his life wanted to be with a woman in more wasys than just sex.  He was hot and sexy, sweet and caring and I loved him.

I loved Tori.  In the beginning there were times when I wanted to shake some sense into her.  But you know how people always say that you learn from mistakes?  Well she learned that the hard way, but maybe it all happened for a reason. After finding her boyfriend in bed with someone else, she learned how to move on with the help of her BFF.  She set out on a journey to discover herself and in the process she found love.  I loved watching her flourish and become the person she was meant to be.  And her and Dylan together were pure perfection.

Rhonda James has done it again.  There were a few twists and turns in this story that I NEVER saw coming.  Some made me happy and some put knots in my stomach and that “oh Shit” expression on my face.  The writing flowed perfectly, all though my only issue is the ending felt a little rushed, but otherwise this book was fantastic.  I cannot wait for the other characters to get their story and I am still hoping for more of Dylan and Tori, because when the end finally came, I wanted more.  I found myself still thinking about them the next day, especially Sin  Another great job!!

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