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Release Blitz: Third Base by Stella

Third Base by Stella is an all new friends-to-lovers standalone romance!

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First base: kissing.
Second base: above the waist.
Third base: below the waist.
Home run: no explanation needed.

Every baseball player knows to keep their eye on the ball and swing for the fences. Each base counts, but a home run is the goal. No one wants to strike out. This is true both on and off the field.

Ellie had been my best friend since we were born, and we had a plan—get out of the tiny Alabama town we’d grown up in and go to college…together. But even life’s best-laid plans could throw a powerful curveball. Rather than attend classes, I was now the starting pitcher for a Major League team.

While my game-day stats were impressive, my record with women was less desirable. I was the professional baseball player who hadn’t been able to make it past third base since the one and only night I’d played hardball with my best friend. 

When the bottom of the ninth came to a close on my career, I had to decide if our friendship was worth more than a few extra innings.

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4.5 Stars
Review by Jen Skewes
Third Base is Stella's debut novel and the collaboration between two of my favorite authors, Leddy Harper and Stephie Walls.  This is a fantastic friends to lover romance.  The writing was flawless, the story was in a way uniquely written, with two characters that you will love.  

Ellie and Coby have been friends since they were little.  They are as close as two people can be without crossing that line of friendship.  Throughout high it was just the two of them.  Most people assumed they were dating, but they never really cared to correct them.  They didn't really have any other friends, both being a little awkwardly social but they had each other and that was all that mattered.  

Coby is an amazing baseball player and at the end of their Senior year he makes it to the big leagues. His home team is also in the same town that Ellie will be attending college so all is still perfect.  While in college Ellie meets new friends, while Coby is learning to adjust to this new life.  But there is one thing that still remains constant and that is their friendship.  They have the type of friendship that no matter what they are always there for each other.  They each come first in the other's life.  While other people may not understand it, they do.  But this friendship isn't easy on the people around them, especially when it comes to the being with someone else.  They both love each other but it seems everyone else see it but them.  How long before that light bulb goes off and they finally see what has been right in front of them all along?

Coby and Ellie had this unbreakable bond that I loved.  They truly treasured each other and their friendship. I am such a sucker for a friends to lover romance but I think this one was written a little differently.  This is not the typical story where one friend has been pining for the other for years, afraid that they other doesn't feel the same way.  No, this story is a slow burn, it's two best friends living their life, exploring relationship sand sexual encounters with other people.  It's about the bond that have have, the love they feel for each other in a strictly platonic way.  But slowly they begin to see what has always been there.  The lines between friends starts to blur and things begin to change.  And that is what I loved about this book.  The slow build to realizing their feelings.  

I loved both characters.  Their friendship is one that cannot be broken.  It can withstand the best of times and the worst, which we see throughout the years.  They love each other in an unconditional way.  Coby is a sweet guy who is nothing like the guy you would expect him to be.  Yes he is a baseball star and gorgeous and could have any woman that he wants.  But he is also a little nerdy and his track record with the ladies is nothing to brag about.  But that's what I loved about him, he wasn't cocky and arrogant. He was an amazing guy.  

Ellie is just a girl who has a best friend that she would do anything for.  She meets other people and even dates someone else but no matter what, Coby is the most important person in her life.  I loved her. 

I love the writing-duo that is Stephie Walls and Leddy Harper.  They did an amazing job with the writing and the storyline.  I loved the characters, and was rooting for them from the beginning.  While this is a light and fun read there is also just the right amount of drama and angst added to the story.  Not everything is all roses and unicorns.  There are moments where you truly see the strength of their friendship when Coby finds himself in a dark place.  Together they explore life and see where it leads them in the end.....hopefully together :)  

Fantastic job by this stellar duo.  I am looking forward to see what is next.  I am really hoeing at some point we get to see more of Gage, because he was such an enjoyable side character who really needs his own story. 

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